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This is my limited experience with shuffles at Casinos. I'd love to hear folks interpretation of them and the best way to approach playing them. I'm not sure I understand how these are being referred to on our forum. Below, I've listed what I've seen:

1) Cards that are newly brought to the table at 10:00am and changed every 24 hours. For a 24 hour period the table uses the same cards and they are hand shuffled by the dealer between shoes.

I assume most players use NOR on these shoes and that people are starting to use 4D and/or S4D +5

2) Cards that are shuffled by the shufflemaster type of machines between shoes and changed out on a periodic basis

How are these played?

3) Pre-shuffled (organized cards) brought to the dealer between shoes. The dealer then hand shuffles these cards and play begins.

Is #3 above that people refer to as preshuffled cards? What is the best way to play these?


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