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My 1st date with NORa - (w/scorecard)

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Hello everyone!

I bought NOR 2 nights ago and spent last night studying the manual and reading as much as I can here in the private forums.

WOW what a wealth of knowledge!

Sooooo, tonight after work I went to a casino on the Las Vegas strip and gave it a go. Here is how it went...(see attached scorecard)

Overall = +9 units

Largest bet = 4 units...once

Largest win = 3 units

Largest loss = 4 units

Hands played = 50

Hands won = 28

Hands lost = 22

I would really appreciate any feedback/constructive criticism that other players here have :)

Some things to consider...

-I have only ever sat down at a Baccarat table twice in my life prior to tonights play and it was just for entertainment purposes and lasted only 10min...total.

-Never used a scorecard.

-I know the goal is to hit and run after +5 units and also to stop at -8 units but I had already decided that I was going to play for at least 30 min and get some seat time. Really wanted to get into a rhythm with keeping score and betting.

BTW, I won my 1st,2nd,3rd,4th & 6th bets so I should've just walked away, but I didn't go there to only play 6 hands; it was about seat time and learning the game. So on I went...

-The O/R count was VERY positive (as high as +15) so I kept betting opposites (TBL) unless I lost.

-I don't know much about the different modes so i'm wondering how I could've played differently to make more and/or lose less.

Thanks again



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Welcome VeeMan! I too am new to NOR. I have attached the shoe you posted played with sytem 40 mode 3 in a 1,2,3 progression. This is the only system I am comfortable enough to play thus far. Many members here on the forum have been kind enough to help me learn when I started last month so this is my attempt to "Pay it Forward" by attempting to help you. Keep in mind that I am new, so refer to you manual to ensure I am giving you the proper advice. One of the instructors here on the forum advised me to focus on trying to master system 40. To play it out using both mode 2 and mode 3 for an increasing OR count and system 40 mode 1 on a declining OR count shoe. I use an online casino website to practice on that has a live dealer, you can play for FREE with fake play money to practice; "black orchid casino". Leave the table after +5 units is by far the BEST advice I have had thus far. Good luck!!post-6876-14500262265047_thumb.jpg

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Thanks Golfgirl007,

I can see where I played wrong and how I could've done MUCH better had I played it your way.

Just one question about the bet u made on line 20...why did u bet 2 units on player and not banker?

I did also check out Black Orchid Casino and will practice using that site as well. Thx!

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