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Tropicana Atlantic City

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Hey guys just got back from Tropicana in Atlantic city spotted a System 40 table Bought in for 500 played 50 dollar bets another fast win P1111111 +7 units this was started at play 10 and out on 16 +350 now i'm a little concerned that we are going crazy and jumping systems again Nor is a solid system and its all about table selection AOW MDB MDB+ 4D Sap wtf lol pick one and perfect it i have no problem with table selection and system selection i'm not afraid of an f table or an s40 table i am afraid of being in a casino too long. in and out hit and run DISCIPLINE now that being said me and McVince are working on a modified MDB+ system i was ill when my 150 was due and even though i was helping get it off the ground they wouldnt honor my 150 they want more fine so McVince and i will keep this to ourselves for now. But lets focus people. too many systems i can tell you where i plat TB4L is golden from play 60 to play 75 that can be a new system we can call it TB4L Late Late Ellis is talking about going back to blackjack is baccarat getting frustrating? i hope the nor forum stays. i'm happy to help and share with all members feel free to PM me

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I am from AC area....trying to learn NOR now....would like to meet at Trop if in the area. Currently just reading manual now.

I played at Trop by myself duringthe weeknights since no one is there on the no commision $15 table...I did hit a couple of Dragons/Pandas...yes, I know that is discouraged but I also made big bank with those bets.

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