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Thinking of Joining BAC private forum. MDB Private members please chime in. Thanks!

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Hi Tigerwho83,

I am a member of both NOR and MDB+ since June and I can tell you for the cost it is penny's versus

the amount of quality learning from the best Bac and BJ player in the world. I would highly

suggest you join both NOR and MDB+ like I did and I am still learning more everyday to fine turn my skills.

Ellis responds to all my posts and is amazing. Hope to see you in the forum... Best of luck

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Hi Tigerwho83,

I am a fairly recent member to the MDB forum having been a NOR Member for some months.

The forum is essential to understanding the MDB plays, it cant be learned from the manual alone.

Ellis, Keith and Steve are pro-active professional who pass on their huge knowledge base to

members, and quickly answer any queries members have.

In my view its money very, very well spent - my success in MDB+ shows this already

Its a no brainer that you should join


(New Zealand)

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Tiger, I know it's not me you want to hear from but here is a very recent quote from part of a post by way2fast one of our more experienced and most helpful members. way2fast was at $200 units the last time I played with him a few months ago. He may be higher now after his recent performance - none of my business. But this gives you a bottom line idea of what goes on here.

"So far am 27 wins vs 5 for 32 Vegas shoes played with MDB+. Average loss is 3-4 units per shoe; average win just over 6 units per shoe."

MDB+ is a simple, purely mathematical way to beat Vegas or pretty much anywhere. Your buy in need only be 5 or 6 units - your choice and your highest bet ever is either 3 or 4, again your choice, but it won't even come up in most shoes. The system doesn't bet very often but when it does you have an extremely high advantage.

As the Las Vegas pit boss said to Art, another MDB+ player who only plays MDB+ (I happened to be standing there watching Art's play)

"Buddy you don't bet very often but you sure know exactly when to bet!"

The whole idea of MDB+ is to play it for big units since the buy in only need be 5 while the win rate is over 80% and the system can't lose more than 5.

MDB+ is our only system that doesn't pretty much bet every hand once started, so the guys frequently play it for high stakes while, at the same time playing one of our every hand systems for lower stakes.

The whole idea is to win consistently W/O taking unnecessary risks.

You're a smart guy - do the math. I think way2fast is up nearly $30,000 if he didn't increase his unit size somewhere along the way.

BTW I frequently play alongside my players. How about Silverthorn? Does he play with you?

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Thanks guys and no Silverthorn does not play with me. I live in the mid west and get to vegas once a year. Now that I have found Baccarat. I am wanting to come 3/4 times a year. So you must be sitting at a table with other players so you can skip hands correct? Thanks

Good question. We were a little concerned about that too for MDB+. But it turned out not to be a problem. First, there are virtually no head to head Bac games in Vegas. Second, they no longer require a bet every hand. Neither do on line games. Third, it is a simple thing to also play one of our every hands systems along with MDB+. Net Betting is usually the best system to mate with MDB+. So it is also taught on the MDB forum. Net betting has a goal of 20 units so we usually play it with a smaller base unit when mating with MDB+.

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Hi Tiger,

I'm new to BTC as of a couple months ago. After trying other various strategies and website, this is the real deal. You will be happy you came across this site.

I followed the methods in the NOR manual and have gone from a $5 base to a $50 base within a month and a half insuring to have 50 units of each along the way.

I have been adding other aspects of MDB+ to my game to improve the overall methods of playing this game. I'm sure that if you do join you will see the wealth of knowledge about this game.

Being part of the forum also helps as the casinos keep changing the game and us players can talk about other techniques to beat the casino.

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Guys thank you for all the good things I am hearing from members. I am going to think about this really hard and make a decision soon. It seems like there is a wealth of knowledge in this forum. I honestly would like to play Bacc professionally If I can. Where I played at Treasure Island they hand shuffle after each shoe. Takes 10-15 per shuffle.

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For what it is worth, i have learned more from beat the casino than any place else bar none. The systems and techniques taught here just plain work if you follow the rules don't get carried away or get mad if things don't always go your way. Join, you will be glad you did and so will your gambling bankroll!

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