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Hello everybody,

Does someone know about target 87 . It has been on the net for sometimes. And of course big claims of big wins ?

Well I read their website and their claims:

Look, there are MANY sytems that win 87% of shoes or even better and they, in fact, do.

All lengthy negative progression systems win a very high percentage of shoes and such systems have been around forever.

You may go days, even months, w/O a losing shoe. They use a lengthy up as you lose Fibonaci or Martingale type progression.

We had a member here, KKKKK, I think it was, playing Silverthorn's Fibonaci system with $100 units. He went for months W/O a loss, but then one fateful day, boom, he lost 7 bets in a row or whatever it was and was wiped out.

On his site, Virtuoid also had a player betting a 17 play negative prog on Bank in a Chicago casino.

Virtoid (Dave who used to be a member here) and I BOTH told him he was a disaster waiting to happen. All that was needed was a few Player favorable shoes in a row. He argued that couldn't happen because of the Bank edge. Ha. But you can't argue with somebody who is $26,000 ahead after only a few months. Then, one fateful night, with one of our members looking on, he crashed and burned.

We had a member here who posted his 15 bet negative progression system. He was way up too. I had to ban him because I didn't want any of our members trying such a suicidal system.

Such systems are a dime a dozen all over the internet.

You get some guy who thinks he's the first to discover the Fibonaci and the next day he has a website.

He totally believes in his own system because he doesn't have a clue about Baccarat and what will always happen eventually.

There used to be a website of guys looking for Silverthorn. I don't think they were out to merely sue him.

Leonard Benson had to go in hiding for similar reasons.

Look, our site exists BECAUSE of these scammers.

Watch my lips: You don't want a thing to do with these guys.

A lot of our members have been there, done that. That's why they are HERE.

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  • Baccarat Hall of Fame Member

It's a modified Martingale.

You won't read about it in The Enquirer or The Star ( heaven forbid Ben Affleck should be implicated once again!)

...and most of you will certainly find page 3 of Britain's The Sun more interesting...

So, like Dr. E states, stay away from THAT kind of betting sequence.

But, for you systems-testers and inquiring minds out there, there IS a unique aspect to it that the good Doctor Ellis might want to explore further in so far as BET SELECTION is concerned...


Yup, really,and perhaps it was one of his systems from back in the day...( most of us are so new to BTC, who would know??)

I'm just saying...

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I completly agree with you Ellis . I asked the guy what was the biggest bet , he said 28 units 8% of the time . He said he has been playing the system with great success for 3 years , he seems to be genuine and believe in it.

Anyway , I don't want to use a system with a 28 units bet

Ha, you gave me my best laugh of the day so far.

Can you imagine: So he says to the pit boss: "My bet is $2800 on Bank"!

The pit boss replies: Sir do you need a room? How about a steak dinner? Want another Scotch?

Casinos LOVE these guys and for very good reason.

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  • Baccarat Hall of Fame Member

It's not just the 28 unit bet ( is it really 28? or??? units....hmmmmmmn...simple math ....), but for sure it's also the others before THE BIG BET that ( in their entirety) put the hurt on....

AT THE SAME TIME, THERE IS something about his "system" that is very sim-to what we have already learned, and hopefully Ellis will comment on it...even if not directly....THAT would be a copyright infringement...yikes!!!

(But then, he'd have to spend the $300 to know " the secret...")....whatever you do, suggest YOU do not go down this road...

BET SELECTION method has merit ( especially for its simplicity), and likely already covered in AD1, NOR+ and/or MDB ( hey, you want me to drag out the WIZARD OF OZ posts?)

but MONEY MANAGMENT part is way, way off....

Good luck to you, Mully, and anyone else thinking NOT to spend their paycheck this-a-way...

Just saying...

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