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  1. Elis this thread is called 2hi universal net bet baccarat forum., not MDB .It is not our fault if this forum is disorganized . If it was a free forum one can forgive but it is not. People on this forum have paid to learn universal 2hi netbetting system 2 months ago. it was a failure , you replaced it by SAP/RSAP. OK! For the moment , you just explained us basic SAP that one have found on this forum for years. You must understand that people are getting impatient and annoyed. We just want a clear and precise explanation how to use SAP/RSAP with example shoes, and play by play. And MDB players
  2. Now Elis what you should do please,is posting different types of shoes with play by play and explanations of each bet I think that would clear up many things for everybody. Thank you
  3. Thank you Brad for expressing what most of us are feeling ! But by experience , I think that no fully mechanical system can win on the long run . There is always a part of subjectivity and player's appreciation. That is what makes the difference between winning and losing players. Creating such a system is really a challenge for Ellis and it will be his Holy Grail ! Anyway ,thanks to him !l
  4. yes I understand your reasoning, it is quite logical .
  5. Thank you, Brad for sharing your play , your interpretation of the game and animating this thread as Elis must have health problems. You say in your comments '' start to play 1s and 2s are they are MC '' but for me , 4s+ are MC with the weighting. Up to hand 25 where 1s ,2s and 4s are equal .
  6. Ellis , When do you teach us SAP system. ???????????
  7. Please Ellis , when do you start to teach SAP system ?
  8. Ellis , do you still use netbetting with SAP system ?
  9. I agree. Very difficult to find a universal mechanical method that can apply to any type of shoes and win most of them , it is a challenge !
  10. Hand 43 I don't apply the 3 0s rules but it doesn' t change the result much Bernard
  11. Hello everybody, I am going to travel to Porto Rico San Juan soon . There are many casinos out there and I would like to know which are the best to play Baccarat. Any recommendations ? Thank you
  12. I completly agree with you Ellis . I asked the guy what was the biggest bet , he said 28 units 8% of the time . He said he has been playing the system with great success for 3 years , he seems to be genuine and believe in it. Anyway , I don't want to use a system with a 28 units bet
  13. Hello everybody, Does someone know about target 87 . It has been on the net for sometimes. And of course big claims of big wins ?
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