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Red and Blue Shoes Machine Shuffled?

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Hi guys, I have been watching the shuffle at my local casino and I noticed they all have a bench set up with 2 trays. They open a deck of cards and place in the tray and it lowers down beneath the table. The alternate between red and blue and they hit a button to raise them up.

The 2 trays are next to each other on the croupiers left.

Does anyone know this procedure and do they know if they are machine shuffled or is it just a card verifier?

So would they come pre shuffled from factory and then they are just verified or would they be further shuffled by machine?

I cant see what's below there and the reason I ask is this casino's shoes don't look that great for MDB+ so far?

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Hey Brad

I think what you are describing are automatic shuffling machines.

One deck is shuffled while the other deck is in play.

These are NOT pre-shuffled factory cards, rather they are cards prepared

by the casino, and then reshuffled before dealing.

I have personally had success with MDB+ using these cards but not anywhere

as good as pre-shuffled factory cards.

The pre-shuffled factory cards usually come in a clear plastic box, sealed in a

cellophane wrapper, and when the arrive at the table, they go directly into the


Hope this helps


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