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Tough Shoe (Mix Of Everything)

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Hi All, I stumbled upon this shoe today and it keeps changing. I switched systems at least 2-3 times and after being confused towards the end of shoe, I quit but stayed on to record the shoe. Still end up with +13 units but hope some seniors here could help play the shoe as i'm gambling rather than playing it systematically.


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TB4L dude - after the 4 and couple of 1's I hit it and took the 2's on the chin - at end of 1st column theres only 2 2's in 20 plays

ended +22 with a 4 bet once (U1D1M2)

I think that's a reasonable result and I tried to play it as though didn't know what was coming.

that's my opinion

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from the same online bac held in Cambodia that I've been playing. Problem is, I'm still confused which system to play the shoe. Right at the beginning, I thought of F because of the 4s, then thought of changing to S40 looking at the ZZ, but down the 2nd col everything went haywire for me. NOR's manual does not cover TB4L and I guess i have to look somewhere for it.

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First of all , make sure the OR count is correct, by the end of the first column I have an OR count of +3 (correct me if I'm wrong), I adjust my play according to the OR count by the end of the shoe I have a OR count of -8 . Now +13 is pretty good for a winning shoe . I play using the SAP and the OR count among a few other things , but keep running shoes at home till it becomes second nature.The more shoes you play the more you will start to understand NOR . Really +13 is good . :biggrin:

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Bac888 to determine what system to play you can consider the OR count and direction of OR count but this does not always give a true indication as this shoe has a 4 straight off which pushes OR - and then a couple of 1's which pushes it back to about neutral.

Straight runs mixed with chops will make the count look neutral like OTBL but in actual fact it doesn't suit as OTBL is for 2's and 2's and 3's

OR count can assist and can definitely tell you which mode to be in so is very important but the events also tell you which system to play.

streaks along with chops - meaning everything except 2's is S40M1 or TB4L

It means if there is an opposite then you bet opposites and then if there is a repeat you bet repeats why its called S40M1 - you go on the run after 1 loss for both streaks and chops so you are always on the run and taking advantage of streaks and chop runs but only thing is 2's will make you lose.

2's is 1 in 8 plays if I'm not wrong and for TB4L to work there must be at least as few 2's as 1 in 8 plays or ideally less than that.

In this shoe 2's never increase above that amount so why not play a system that will beat everything excepts 2's ?

Im sure you can find some info on this forum about it somewhere.

Keep practising until you know the ins and outs of every system and then you will see at a glance what to play and if you get to that point and you look and you aren't sure then that means you probably shouldn't play NOR on that shoe because maybe there isn't anything that will give you a high hit rate.

Maybe netbet or MDB+ is better - it depends what that casino does with their cards

MDB+ scores +4 pretty easily for me on this shoe

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