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7UP Baccarat at Sands Macau

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This new game, 7UP Baccarat is claimed to be the first in Macau.

Its available at Sands Casino, Venetian Casino and Sands Cotai Casino.

Basically its Baccarat as we know it but the 1st Players card is a 7

Its printed on the felt of the table so the dealer deals the first card to

the banker, then one more each to player and banker.

If the bank hand wins with a total of seven, it pays 9 to 5.

Banker with any other total pays 1 to 1.

Player with a total of seven pays 1 to 2.

Player with any other total pays 1 to 1.

Ties are paid at 7 to 1 except a tie with each hand having seven

ís paid at 9 to 1.

There are also "Super 7"combination bets;

Any two sevens pays 2 to 1

Any 3 sevens pays 5 to 1

Any four sevens pays 17 to 1

Any five sevens pays 70 to 1

Any six sevens pays 700 to 1

From what I saw it did not seem to have a great following



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