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MDB+ Casino Database Asia/Australasia

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Hi all

Following my recent trip to Macau and Singapore I have decided to

create a database of all casino's in Asia and Australasia, and identify

which of them are MDB+ friendly.

So if you live and play in any casino in these areas I would appreciate

if you could reply stating;

1) Casino name and country

2) Whether the casino has a baccarat touch game

3) Whether the shoes are factory pre-shuffled cards

4) Whether the casino provides scorecards to players

5) Whether the casino has a display screen at the table

6) Anything else you think relevant

I define Asia as including South Korea, Philippines, Macau, Singapore,

and Malaysia. Japan is considering casino licencing right now.

Australasia is Australia and New Zealand

This information may also help Ellis is his quest to market BTC

to Asia customers

thanks and regards


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Count me in Pando although I think Perth would be the most miserable tightly run casino in this region of the world.

Absolute tight asses - 2 zeros on European roulette for min tables, blackjack + rules which are worse stats for player, Autoshufflers on all BJ tables, No free hands on baccarat tables and still to be confirmed: All banker player bets lose ties on touch tables on main floor !?

They do give you free coffee and water if you are a member though!


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