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The other day K. Smith dropped by for a couple of days before heading to an R&R rendezvous in Rocky Point, Mexico. while in LV he helped boost his travel budget by playing on the Imperial Baccarat digital terminals (with 2 live dealers dealing 2 games each simultaneously, 24 hrs./day) at the Venetian-Palazzo, as well as B/J (double deck, $5) and $5 Bac. at El Cortez, a locals casino. Two days after K.S. departed, I played a game at Imperial Baccarat with 21 consecutive singles.

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Maybe its hard for him to understand how western countries we get casinos that give us relatively fair odds and although they bias things they don't blatantly rig things to make it impossible to win- usually. Maybe Argentina there are no games worth playing if they cheat that bad.

So df4 how early in the run of singles did you pick it and disd you ride it till the end?

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Yeah, I might seem paranoid, but let me tell you something to think about . In Bacc and BJ they use shuffling orquestation to bring up the odds in their favor.

Clumping in BJ is really obvious , please watch Ellis explanation on You tube. And they do it in your face. Why in any casino do you see 90% of the floor surface flooded with slot machines? Because the house edge is higher than any other game.

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