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Hi guys it appears that our most successful players on this forum or at least the ones we know about don't play every hand and have a small win goal per shoe and as small a stop loss.

They have built up their unit size to the point where they don't need to play any other way.

But there is the constant debate - if your bet selection is good and you can win with flat bet or 1,2 then could you not do even better with a higher progression?

Oz has pretty much posted the way he plays for anyone who wants to put in the time to learn but he has described it several times as marginally more exciting than watching paint dry!

And that's the thing you give people a winning system they don't have the patience to stick to it and they want something that bets higher and wins faster or bets every hand not 5 times per shoe.

Small progression vs large progression

Small stop loss vs higher stop loss

Exciting vs boring

Slow and steady vs fast and explosive

+5 vs +40

I am torn between both approaches and wondering why we cant have 2 banks and a hybrid approach or does many people do this?

Much like an electric car or a petrol engine - but now we have the hybrids

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Baccarat is a negative EV game.

In this kind of games the "Bold strategy" is the best method.

You must reach your win goal in the lowest number of hands(even one hand)

This principle gives the answer to your post.

See Dubins and Sauvage (How to gamble,if you must)

Of course if with NOR,MDB+,etc…. you are convinced to have a positive EV,you must play flat bet or 1,2,3, or whatever for the highest number of hands

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Hello beretta. What does EV stand for?

Its not that hard to use the teachings from this site to get a better than 50% strike rate.

Oz is pro from average 2- 3 units per shoe.

I believe what he does is not that hard but the thing he possesses is patience and the ability to keep it simple.

Harder than it sounds.

To quote ellis. If you limit yourself to a max bet of 2 and a small stop loss you are limiting yourself to win big on the highly biased shoes.

Then he demonstrates a +40 unit shoe.

Im asking myself am i missing out on something?

I like what oz does and if your units compound to where hes at who needs to do anything else?

But could someone not play both ways with 2 banks?

High units for 2- 3 unit win goal and lower units for a bet nearly every hand and a +5 to +40 win goal?

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