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Possible New MDB+ Option

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Hi Ellis and all MDB+ players,

Recently, the shoes at my casino in New Zealand have slowly drifted

away from MDB+ shoes, hopefully temporarily.

Let me say I am extremely pleased with my MDB+ play but I am having

to play longer to achieve my goals. Not a complaint, just an observation.

Yesterday I saw a lot of single 1's in the shoes and the standard MDB+ bet

of betting 2 x single 1's to become a double 1, seemed to need more steps

in the progression than before.

That got me thinking about that particular bet.

I wonder if we can bet that after 2 single 1's, that the next single 1 becomes a 2.

We would be saying that it does NOT go to a double 1 (by way of an opposite) and that

it becomes a 2 (by way of a repeat).

If that bet failed then it would be a double 1 which gives us the option to bet that

the next play is an opposite, thereby winning the 2 x single 1's becomes a double 1 bet,

which is our standard MDB+ bet.


22212313421 - we bet the last 1 to become a 2

If it stays 1 and they next play is an opposite, then we end up with 222123134211,

and we can confidently make the MDB+ bet as usual that we get another single 1.

I think effectively it puts an extra bet in the options before we make the first MDB+ bet.

I am just thinking aloud here, as Ellis encourages us to do.

Looking forward to your responses



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So after 2 single 1's, bet the next single one goes double one was or is a high % bet

Has that changed? I'm not playing specifically MDB+ so don't have numbers to back anything up but way2fast said this was one of his highest % bets?

The would your proposed bet before be a high % or a 50/50 outcome expected?

The would you start the progression on the 1 goes to 2 and continue on the 1 goes double 1 if you lost the 1 goes 2?

Or would the 1 goes 2 be a separate progression?

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I am thinking that this bet would be a separate bet with a progression

the same as you play for any of your other bets (1/2/4 suggested by Ellis)

It seems like a $ both ways to me.

If the new bet wins then that's great, if not then we kick in with the usual

bet of the 2 single 1's going to a double 1 bet as per the MDB+ rules.

My idea is based on the fact that the shoes I am seeing at the moment

have longer blocks of multiples with fewer sporadic isolated 1's. Even given

that, they are still reasonable MDB+ shoes but the 1's are at the low end of

the count (around 13 rather than 18 to 20).



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