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Tracking NOR performance

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NOR is the best approach for biased cards because it can deal with every situation

Neutral = OTBL

Opposite = S40

Repeat = TB4L (or F lesser used nowadays)

The OR count gives us an indication of the above but it still leaves selection up to interpretation

What if we tracked the performance of each system so we could visually see how each system is performing and we could jump to one or the other based on whether it was performing strong or weak - we may even see patterns in how long each bias is lasting and how regular it is switching so we could predict when a bias is coming to an end?

For example:

Columns like this;







I was thinking about this when I was playing roulette and there are 3 EC (Even Chances) to play - Black / Red Odd / Even High / Low

At the moment I am just playing black / red but I was thinking what if I recorded all 3 and jumped to the best one as it appeared

Then I thought about this.

Its clear to see in the above there is 3 wins on S40 although OTBL and TB4L need 2 results to start play but the idea is there.

I will try it out and see whether I think its worthwhile.

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I think 4D is a way to go.4D will give you all the informations you need to know especially scoring counts uses 2 columns for each count you will see the picture more clearly.the question is how to use those informations? I'm still waiting Kevin to post his 5D rules.

Sorry for 5D delay

Computer hard drive crash forced me to take to Freaks&Greeks@ Best Buy

My laptop has all 4D files saved as Microsoft Word docx.....not on my IPad/IPhone...

Will update soonest, but again, I reiterate, if I have sent you the 4D rules, just look along the top line of the scorecard and you will spot the MDB betting opportunities.

Off to Lake Havasu today for 4day weekend...

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The biggest problem I have had with keeping counts is the time it takes to do it and mentally remember P is + or O is + etc etc

Then to interpret the count as a running count the actual count is not always that important but more the direction of the count.

You can have 8 repeats meaning your OR count will go 8 points in negative direction and then then the shoe can go neutral where its all 2's which will take your OR count nowhere - by looking at the count number you would assume it is a streaky shoe but the current bias is very neutral meaning OTBL play.

I have a proposal based on the fact that car manufacturers never use digital gauges that only display the speed or rpm etc - even if its digital it is a digital version of analog display

The human eye / brain apparently responds faster to the analog guage - same as watches - over time there is still a place for analog watches even arguably more so than digital.

So my proposal is that by recording as per below:




otootootootttoot - OOTT

I haven't seen Kevin's score sheet for 4D yet but would be interested to hear his thoughts on this.

My thoughts are it is easier to record (faster) and easier to interpret (faster)

Whether it misses crucial information I don't know but the trend and current trend are supposed to be more important than the actual count?

It could be used for NOR too obviously

4D is really NOR 'on steroids' as Kevin always says.

5D is NOR 'on steroids' with MDB bets as well?

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I am on vacation down in Lake Havasu AZ with boat, friends and a substantial bankroll to fund food&beverage for a month...

( too bad I am only staying a few more days)

Before I left, my laptop " froze up" and had to give it to the Geek Squad to work their magic...

This has my 4 D stuff, and preliminary ruminations on 5D saved as Word documents...iPad and iPhone just not there yet.

Will respond soonest.

In the meantime, I have to comment this town likely would benefit from a fabric store, as it seems that many " Jeune filles" here cannot find adequate of same for their activities on the water, on the beach, at the pool or the tiki bar.

I'm not complaining, and likely the local authorities would not listen anyways...

(More importantly, how do you become a local authority here ???)

Yeah, lots of PB, OR, Etc here.

But mostly oh-oh, TT occurrences....

Have a nice week.

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