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Doug, Thanks. No, I did not make any MDB bets. I am more careful making MDB bets online because they only use 6 decks, so they usually have around 60 hands. If I do not get a trigger early in the shoe, I do not want to go MDB.

I do not think I will be going to Florida with my schedule. We should try to meet up sometime in Chicago or I can drive to Bloomington area, but Horseshoe and Ameristar has more tables. But both casinos have vertical boards which makes it so hard to do hit-and-run MDB bets like we did at Gold Coast in Vegas.

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Sorry Doug, I forgot about the app. I saw this Asian guy using his phone and adding all the shoes into his phone.

Go to http://baccapp.com/english.html and click on the App Store link for apple, for some reason their link to Andoid does not work and when I search in the Google App store, nothing comes up. So you need an apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) to use this. Costs $2.99, but it is good.

May be Mike can take a look at this and see if he can get any cues for the database he is building. After you add a few shoes to this, it gives pretty good statistics.

Just came back from to Potawatomi casino, 4 tables were open. Sat and played one shoe +3 with MDB and +6 with NOR (OTB4L). I checked out the other tables. There was once shoe with like 5 MDB triggers and each one of them one. Other tables had 1-3 triggers, which could have been one except for 1.

Their shuffling method is a bit weird. After every shoe is over, they take all the cards, spread it on the table and mix/wash it with their hands. Then they put them in the shuffling machine. Take out the already shuffled set from the machine and start dealing.

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