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More mechanical than NOR

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Studying NOR for 3 days and i think that a more mechanical kind of procedure would work for me better.I saw a post from Mr.Ellis saying that MDB is more mechanical approach than NOR so i am asking here more experienced members for suggestions.I need a procedure that tells me exactly what to do overlap senarios would be eliminated.

Furthermore i like net betting approach (feeling more confidence) but is it possible to have Net bet to deal with 1s-4s and a Net Bet to deal with 4s+?

Last question: Im in Greece and regular cards are played and the dexk shuffling gets place in fornt od the player no rooms etc.MBD is supposed to be played with shuffle machines,is it possible to be applied in regural cards?

Looking for knowledge,thanks in advance.

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Hello welcome to forum

MDB+ would be more mechanical than NOR but the most successful guys don't play purely mechanical

I don't believe a pure mechanical approach will give you success in the long run.

Net betting is betting that counts will stay at zero. The variance is the problem - do you keep raiding your bets assuming the count will go to zero or do you decide it wont and go OTR until you think it moves back towards zero?

Whichever point you make that decision to go OTR that event is the one you can lose to - there's no way around that

If you don't play mechanical you can choose that event to suit the shoe at hand - if you don't then you better hope you chose the right event!

MDB+ has proven to work as well with regular cards as preshuffled - see the NOR forum on pattern break where the shoes I posted were proven to be excellent MDB+ shoes by way2fast and they were hand shuffle shoes

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Im glad i found about this forum

When i say mechanical i mean something with more distinct indicators of which system to play when you have to make the call.NOR is has many options making it difficult to be applied from a rookie,of course practise is needed,no laziness at all.

Whats the best approach to determine what should you in NOR.SAP or OR count?

Furthermore why cant we just apply OR to Net Betting an if the count is -2 +2 play it till the 4s?

Which of the MDB+/NOR you think is easier to apply ?

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Heres a mechanical system:

If you see a repeat then bet the next decision is a repeat

If you see a chop then net the next decision is a chop

Does it work?

Yes many times - we call it S40M1 or TB4L

what happens when 2's come?

It loses

What can we do?

Bet the opposite to what comes

If you see a repeat bet for a chop, if you see a chop, bet a repeat, - there you go we call it OTBL

Does it work? yes when 2's are coming.

Then how do we know how to play what?

Look for if there are 2's coming or no 2's coming

How many 2's ?

2 in 3?

3 in 5?

lets go 2 in 3

What happens when there is 2 x 2's in 3 and you bet OTBL and then there's no more 2's?

Lets change the rules to 3 in 5

So there's 3 x 2's in 5 events ok lets bet OTBL, oh no, no more 2's

Whats the right rules?

Rules that will adapt to everything?

Guess what there is none

What ever rule you write down there is a condition which will beat that rule.

Sorry I don't mean to be smart just telling you the facts as I see it

If I were you I would learn S40 and OTBL and look for shoes that are strongly biased in either way and play that system.

Use the OR count to start and then SAP count and see if it works for you - I feel OR count is probably better if I had to choose.

Remember: the greatest weapon power you have against the casino is you have the choice NOT to bet

If you see a shoe that you feel you can win on then play it.

If you see a shoe you feel you cant win - don't play it

If you see a shoe your not sure you can win on - don't play it

You are right in regards to netbetting - if a shoe is choppy then the count will generally be close to zero

How you handle the disparity - well that's the challenge with netbetting.

If you netbet up to a 4iar and play up as you lose then you've lost a 1,2,3 progression

Do you go OTR and hope it will not be a 4 or do you stop and wait until next chop hoping you will recover?

Which is easier to apply? To be honest MDB+ would be easier and have the best hit rate

MDB+ is probably the easiest and fastest way to make you a consistent winner in my opinion.

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The more you bet the less chance you can possibly have of a high hit rate

The casino wants you to bet every hand because they know that you cannot possibly get a high hit rate and then its down to 50/50 chance minus commission.

Most players will increase their bets to make up for their losses.

Sometime they will make a profit and quit

Many times their progression will keep increasing until they wipe out their wins and it will take many winning sessions to catch up

NOR bets every hand

Its based on an assumption that the intial bias will continue for the whole shoe

Maybe it did in the past but not nowadays from what I experience

Therefore you either need a progression to make up for your poor hit rate or you get lucky and the bias does not change.

If you are having good results what is your hit rate?

Are you using a progression to get you through a worse than 50% hit rate or are you using it to make you more units on a good hit rate of better than 50% ?

MDB+ does not bet every hand.

There can be only 2 triggers per shoe but the hit rate is extremely high.

In terms of the bias changing MDB+ does not care about that.

It is based on mathematical phenomenon that must occur in reality.

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