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Hi steve

I guess I would describe this as a gym membership

You can train at home sure

You probably wouldn't buy the same quality gym equipment as in a gym or clean and maintain it

It wouldn't be as nice an environment to train in

You wouldn't have other people there training to motivate you when you feel slack

Theres not other people to ask advice on etc or help you train or spot you on bench press etc

In the end you will not get the same results at home not only for the equipment but the mental and psychological aspects of it too.

You have to be motivated keen to train.


You can download the manuals and learn all the methods sure but to know how to apply them you just cant get from reading a manual sometimes

Further to that there is always new ideas come up.

New member TrainerGriff joined and is on 221 discussion and we have learned a different twist with the way he plays

I'm sure he also learned a few things too

This is my view on the matter

I have been into gambling for 10+ years but in 10 years I never advanced as much as what I have in the last 18 months since I was a member here.

221 I knew 10 years ago but could not make it work

Now I can

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