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how to play high 4s or 4+, followed by 2nd high 2s

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Hi Zeckam,

I think that OTB4L Mode1 might work great in this case. It capitalizes on low 3's.

In this case you go on the run after the first loss, bet 2 otr.

If you have 4+'s you can stay OTR until it ends. 

It looks like you have a good grasp of SAP, so you can let SAP decide what to do after


OTB4l Mode  1 is covered in the NOR+ "manual " which is buried somewhere in the forums

but it doesn't contain much more on this topic than I have just written, other than recommending staying OTR to the 

end of the run.

You can probably find the "manual" by searching for NOR+.

Let us know how this works.


1 hour ago, zeckam said:


I encountered a lot of shoes which are high in 4s and 2s with 3 as LC. I tried to play s40m2 but end up with 1, 2 units win or loss. 

Is s40 applicable for suçh a shoe? Or anysuggestions on how to play this type of shoe or should I give up such shoes.?






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Yes I agree you have a good understanding of how to apply SAP to this problem.

I agree with Wendel OTBL M1 will work for STRAIGHTS

Don't forget you have ZZ's to worry about too.

You can also do SAP count for ZZ's and you may or may not find a similar thing

When high in 2's OTBL is absolutely the best way to play it cleans up

It is also the best default system if you had to choose just one to cover everything all the time.

NOR is a guideline and should not be played mechanically all the time.

What you have done is identify a reason not to play purely mechanically and that's what you need to do


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