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Net Betting Query from newbie

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Netbetting is a different betting perspective.

What you actually find is that it is basically S40.

You are betting a count will always stay around zero

In order for that to happen there has to be equal number on either side - eg Player vs Banker must be equal


Not only must they be equal, the events must be low - ideally 1's and 2's for this strategy to work effectively

That way you can flat bet or bet a 1,2 progression and win

If there are 3+'s then how far do you raise your bets on one side before you either stop, or follow the strong side

In reality you are not going to keep raising your bets HOPING that other side will catch up because it might not.

If you decide to follow the strong side then what you are doing is going OTR

In other words you are basically playing S40 with modes

I believe netbetting mentality does have a place in the short term.

In other words if you see a sequence like


PPPPPBBPPPPB and then it goes PPBPBB - the second sequence is exactly equal for P v B so you could count that sequence as 0 and if you believed that it would stay around zero then whatever the next result was you could bet for an opposite meaning the count would go back to zero.

This is netbetting in the short term and I use it sometimes


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Hi Zeckam,

I wouldn't even bother with netbetting right now if I were you , unless you are playing 

something like 4D that specifically calls for net betting and has proper guidelines for its use 

in that application. Getting in and out of netbetting may be a real hassle.

I think that netbetting is still a  "work in progress" and NOR should serve you just as well for the time being,

That being said, i guess there is no harm in tinkering with it and developing and testing your own

parameters for its use.


4 hours ago, zeckam said:

Thanks Brad. How about if the OR or OT counts alternate between 2 Numbers eg.  8 And 9 for a few hands. Can we apply netbet here? I often see this when I play s40. I do not know if I should continue S40 rules or do this so called net bet?



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What I did when I first started is I practised every approach I could find individually to determine its strengths and weaknesses and also if it suited me or if I liked it

What I found with netbetting is that you are assuming a count will hover zero

What that really means is the following:

PB: PBPBPPBPBB - PB count - 1's and 2's for PB results

OR - OROOROORRORR - OR results in 1's and 2's

and same for all counts

If it goes any more than 2 on 1 side then you are faced with the situation of stopping and waiting to see if it still goes to zero or switching to the strong side until it goes back and then netnetting again

The problem is lets say you jump over on 3's or stop betting on 3+'s whats to say its going to go back and then produce another 3 or go back to weak side and produce another 3 SS again?

If you are playing an U1D2 or something you will have raised your bets quite high all on the assumption the count will go back to 0 or both sides will be equal

You know what ASSUME is short for?

I do see a place for netbetting in short term situations

Wendel is right I feel focus on NOR as I said every netbet approach can be translated to a NOR approach - its 2 ways of looking at the same thing

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