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I've been soaking up the info here and am starting to practice MDB+ (W2F) triggers and the Short NOR triggers(awesome stuff).  I've been playing Baccarat about a year and before that my only interest in a casino was advantage craps.  I had some success playing craps, but needed another game in my arsenal.  I read a few books and had a pass line/don't pass betting style I liked to use, so I gave Baccarat a try. 

I had some early success and with my crazy Paroli progression I had some hard losses.  I'd trend banker or player until a loss then I'd chop back to B/P.  I was see sawing back and forth.  Neutral shoes were a killer, but I didn't know enough to recognize that the first few trips.  I was playing with a friend who had years of table time and I got the smack down on a TT run about 3/4 through a shoe.  It was a big bet and I happened to place it on the wrong spot.  The mistake wasn't the problem my strong chop or run only bet selection was flawed.  My friend asked If I was playing NOR.  I said, "NOR?  Whats NOR?".  He directed me to Youtube and then I found BTC and Kieth's NOR manual and all the videos.  "Your system looks like NOR on steriods",  he said.  Hmm?  A more conservative way to play sounded great.  I nicknamed my play "The Trendchopsaki"  really it was S40-stay OTR until loss... with a 7 stage Paroli up and down progression.  I stone cold killed some shoes +46, but you were all-in and that meant some -40.  It was "The Trend-Kamikaze".

So I read the NOR PDF and watched the videos. Then incorporated the OR count and would switch OTB4L in a neutral count.  At times It worked like a charm and I thought WOW I'm the greatest ever!  Then I had times when I'd switch and the worm would turn back and I'd loose the bets I would have won or not.  It was a mess at times and too expensive.  I was always good about bank roll management as a craps player, and eventually toned down the progression to the 123 NOR style.  In the fall I shifted my BR to advantage daily fantasy football, but now I'm back.  I had some knowledge gaps with NOR and was intrigued by the MDB approach.

I'm currently playing in the Lake Charles market, so we will have some shoes up loaded from there.  Most of my Bacc play has been in Biloxi.

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