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I saw an interesting thing when I played at my B&M casino yesterday. I was waiting for a better table than what was already open

A supervisor came in and said table A would open and be a $50 table, and table B would open and be a $100 table. She went to the card locked and pulled out 2 boxes of pre-shuffled cards, and put one box on each of the 2 new tables. The dealers had just arrived at the tables.

Then the pit poss turned up, and said that table A would be $100, and table B would be $50. Then he SWITCHED the boxes of cards.

There can only be one reason they would do this, that they wanted a specific shoe type for each table.

I played the $50 table and won in that shoe, unfortunately I could not see what the $100 was like.

Designer shoes, I think so.

Any comments?


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I cannot see the point of switching the cards unless there was a difference

Also analysing the procedure - a supervisor came in and made the initial decision and then the pit boss came and overrode the decision and switched

Obviously this was an important part of the procedure or why would the pit boss become involved and not just let the supervisor do it?

It shows to me that they do bias the cards and that they take it pretty seriously and do not just put random cards on tables and start play.

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