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Choosing the "right" system

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Hello guys

New member here.

I have question about what system to play.

I see that every successful player here have its own way of playing, and like OZ said there is more then one way to skin a cat,and  i have question is it really matters what system do we play as long as we stay consistent with it.

Also all of that successful members are mentioning DISCIPLINE all the time. And what discipline really is. Is it staying consistent with your system and playing it same way every time, respecting your SL and SW, and not chasing loses ? 

Is that why discipline is hardest thing to achive.

Chosing one system is easy, but staying consistent with it even in the shoe when its losing, and not trying to chase loses is what really parts winners from losers.

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I talk from my personal experience only that you need to try many methods and strategies and pick the one that works for you AND that you like The 2 should both tie in.

You must believe in the strategy you play and have confidence with your strategy

You must practise it every day and really believe that you can win more than you will lose with it.

Your strategy doesn't have to be exactly like someone else's it can be a combination of many things which you combine and tweak and work out for yourself

 You must keep learning new things and trying to find new ways to get better. Everything you learn can also be applied to your strategy to either make a betting choice stronger or a no bet choice stronger.

If you want to see an example of this read McVinces strategy and how he developed it.

In regards to discipline you must be able to apply your strategy in the shoe at hand and you must know when to bet but more importantly when not to bet

In my opinion anyone can throw a chip on the table but not too many can think and pass on a bet they are not sure about

Further to that you must recognise the potential of every bet, every shoe, every session and know when to pass and call it a day.

That is the hardest thing and what will separate you from the losers as they will not pass on bets they will throw a chip on the table when they don't really know and then they will chase their losses bet after bet, shoe after shoe, day after day.

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Excactly what Brad said.  What wins almost always  or most of the time for you is what you stick with.   Now to maximize your way of playing to its fullest potential is this.  Get a pen and lined paper bad.  Play 30 shoes or 100 shoes and play each shoe to the end of each shoe, for testing purposes only.  Record  the lowest minus score in units, the highest score in units and the score you kept hitting several times.  You will find out the max stop loss you can go and still turn around and still win.  You will also find out a minus score past a certain point you still can't turn it around and win.  Then now you can find the best stop loss.  Now when you add up scores of all shoes played divided by number of shoes played,  that is your overall average units won per shoe.  Say it says averaged 5 units a shoe.  Say your winning shoes has many 5 unit wins, 10 unit wins and many 1 unit wins, stick with it.  But,  if your overall average is made up of mostly 5 unit win shoes and very few 1 unit wins and 10 unit wins, guess what?  Then, you are best off to go by your overl 5 unit win average and quit each shoe as soon as you get to +5.   Meaning even if you have shoes of + 10 wins, your overall average is still 5 so why struggle like hit 5 units  the get to +8  then zero  then lose!!!!   Every new game I start out flat betting but track on paper or mentally,  if I were to use a prog,  how will it do?  Also, if pattern is lose win lose win and flat betting, now you need to use progs.  So when starting out flat betting and notice this also note what each prog mentally does.  Your 1 bets  if mostly winning, base at 2 now.  If see that a 1-2-3 prog is need to win and notice mentally the 2 bet always loses,  bet 0  no bet  like  1-0-3  or 1-0-2.    Say third bet always loses   Instead of a 1-2 prog  go 1-2-0   Lose less on losing hands  win more on winning hands ;)

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