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In next month of March I am planning a trip to Macau.

May I have some suggestions from people already been there?

Something like, best casino for baccarat, allowed free hands?, 

Any useful infos.

Thank you in advance!


PS if some members are in this area would be nice catch us up!


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Hi Wolfat

I have played in Macau many times

There are dozens of very, very big casinos there including Galaxy, Venetian etc but I prefer to stay and play in the city area and Sands Macau is my favourite.

Having said that there are free shuttle buses from the waterfront area to the major casinos and back, they run when they are full or every 15 minutes

There is so much choice (Galaxy has 350 baccarat tables) that its hard to say which casino is better than another. That's for your personal choice

If you have any specific questions please ask me again



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Thank you Pando,

Someone spoke me about Sands some time ago... maybe you! lol

Are allowed unlimited free hands at tables?

min bet? approx

must be seated or can play from outside the table?

can suggest an hotel good but not too expensive near Sands?




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Hi Wolfat

I recall that the supervisor cuts the shoe and the dealer deals only one free hand after the burn.

But generally there are lots of players so free hands are not really a problem.

Sands have minimum HK$600 (about US$50) at many tables, that's the lowest I have seen anywhere in Macau

You can bet sitting or standing, I used to wander around all the tables to play MDB+ - Sands was VERY MDB+ friendly (I won 16 consecutive bets one day)

The food at Sands is excellent, wonderful buffet breakfast, great lunch and dinner too.

There is a cheap Asian style food hall which has about a dozen different varieties of food (Portuguese food also). I love the Portuguese hot pot.

I have never had any safety issues in Macau, but you can make sure by using taxis to get around at night, they are very cheap.

When you arrive at the airport the taxis are outside but the drivers don't speak English so take a copy of your hotel in Chinese to give to the driver.

I have never changed money in Macau, I use the ATM's at the casinos which are safe and the exchange rates are excellent.

I recommend the Casa Royale Hotel as a good place to stay, you can walk to Sands from there (about 10 minutes) and they have a free shuttle bus to the waterfront.

From the waterfront you can get the bus to Sands or any of the other major casinos. From Sands if you got out the main door and turn left there is a bus pickup area to get a free bus to the Venetian (same company as Sands). They run free luxury buses back to Sands or the waterfront.

I would not call Macau a tourist attraction but there are a few historic places to visit, such as Senado Square which has lots of old Portuguese buildings.

Macau really has two parts - the old city part (where Sands is) and the Cotai Strip where the new giant casinos such as Venetian and Galaxy have been built. There are so many of them I haven't been to all of them yet.

Lets know if you need any more info

cheers Pando



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I should add that the Macau casinos deal ONLY in Hong Kong dollars (HKD$). Sure you can change any currency into HKD$ at the casinos, but I have no idea what their rates are like. You can $HKD or Chinese Renminbi (RMB) in taxis and shops but I find it easier to just stick to HKD. Having said that your change will be given in RMB so you will end up with both. The currencies have the same value.

I used to buy a bunch of HKD$ outside of Macau (I was in Thailand at the time) and then just use the ATM's at Sands for extra cash if needed. The ATM's inside the casino are safe as they cannot be tampered with but I would not use ATM's in public places where you have no guarantee about security.

Here is a link for the hotel Casa Real (sorry I spelled it incorrectly in my first post). If you think it looks like a casino, you area right. Its a casino as well.


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