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This is the reply i got when i ask why the shuffle is not part of your average RNG:

 You are correct, there is no Random Number Generator that selects the cards to be dealt.

 The card numbers are kept in a text file just as though they were stacked on the table. When the game starts

The program reads the values of the cards into memory. Now the deck is in memory. I have created code that will

physically shuffle those cards per the user’s definition (any casino shuffle definition). Two default shuffles

come with the software. You can define and save as many shuffles as you wish and play against any of them.

As long as the program has been on the market no one has been able to duplicate this process, it took me over

A year to develop the code.


To help you understand a little more about how the system works I’ve copied a section from the onboard help system.

I hope this helps you understand how it works.


Understanding the playing deck

There is a file on your hard disk that contains all of the numbers of the cards. There are eight files, 1 has 52 cards another has 104 (for 2 decks) another has 3 decks etc. up to 8 decks.

When you start a new game the program opens one of these files and reads the contents into memory. For as long as you play the current session, they are kept in memory. When they are shuffled, they are shuffled in memory. The cards in the file on your hard disk are still in their original order. This is important to understand. This is how you use this feature. .

For example: you set your players to play a certain logic and after viewing the Analysis screen you want to tweak it up a little and play again using the same sequence of cards to test your modifications. Or maybe you want to use the same deck of cards at a different casino to see what effect the shuffle has on the outcome..

This is where the Scramble feature comes in. Maybe you don't want to continue where you left off. By selecting to Scramble the deck, the program will do a wash on the cards after they are read into memory and start you off with a completely fresh sequence..

This is helpful when you modify your player logic and test it against the exact same sequence to see if it produced a greater profit. And it did. So, do it again but, Scramble the cards to see if it produces a profit against a different sequence of cards. Scrambling the cards does not affect the cards stored on the disk, just the cards in memory.

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