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Who plays at this casino?

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Hello group!  Somebody on BTC plays where the baccarat activity is heavy enough to support 10 or 12 (or more?) tables going simultaneously.  They mentioned their MO mostly involved strolling among the tables, watching the tote boards, and making occasional bets when the appropriate triggers were spotted, usually not even bothering to take a seat.  This MO would suit me perfectly, but now I can't find the post and have no idea who posted it.  Can someone help, please?  I need to know where this casino is!   I will most likely be using just the very top performing MDB+ bets.  I DO NOT need "action" to be happy --- I need lots of tote boards to keep an eye on, so i can be very picky about placing my relatively few bets.  "Play less to win more".  Can someone please tell me where this casino is?  Thanks!

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