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Singapore Trip Report Part 1

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Hi everyone

I have just spent the past 12 days in Singapore and I would like to share my experience in the hope that we may all learn a little from it.

Firstly it was my pleasure to meet up with BTC Member Zeckam. We arranged to meet and play at Resort World Sentosa, one of the two casinos in Singapore.

Zeckam kindly passed on a number of important observations to me before I started playing and they were exactly correct

He told me that many of the shoes were one sided, that they often have high 2's late in the shoe, and that the shoes are often very streaky. This all proved to be exactly correct.

I have never played baccarat at this casino, so I was very cautious and spent quite a while observing and watching the shoes.

I need to know how the shoes were prepared, and the house rules. It soon became clear that what I am used to playing at home was not what I was seeing here.

Firstly, the casino has a selection of touch games ($25 and $50 minimum) and other tables where the players turn the cards which start at $100 minimum.

My observation was that the $100 games were what I have seen before, but the $25 and $50 shoes were quite different.

I found out that the $25 and $50 shoes start their lives as pre-shuffled Angel cards from Japan. Before dealing they are put through an automatic shuffler, and the cards are shuffled after every game for the next 2 days, at which time they are replaced. The $100 games are dealt from the shoe as it arrives from the factory.

I tracked some shoes and then re-tracked them when they were dealt again. Believe me, they were thoroughly shuffled.

The house rules were slightly different too. Players are allowed to cap other players bets with a half bet on the $50 shoes, I have not seen this before.

There is also another betting option which I had not seen before, its called Super 6. In this bet you may bet on the Super 6 (which applies to Banker only) although it is a separate bet

The idea is that if you play Super 6, and the bet wins, you get paid 12:1 if the banker gets a 2 card 6, and 20:1 if the banker gets a 3 card 6 - but the banker must win the hand.

CT70 has already told us about tie bets and where they occur (if you haven't read this on the forum I suggest you do) - I quickly noted a high correlation between tie hands and winning banker 6 hands. That was a very rewarding way to play in the right shoes.

Most of the local players make this bet a lot, and if the shoe has high ties, then a casual $25 or $50 bet for those odds makes good sense. Most of them played the same amount on ties and Super 6 when the shoe had high ties and banker was dominating the shoe. Wins of $1000 for a $50 bet was reasonably common.

Importantly, the ties were often very clumped, so there were clumps of ties and Super 6 wins when banker runs were occurring.

In any case I thoroughly enjoyed being at Resort World Sentosa and meeting Zeckam helped me a great deal, thanks mate and thanks for the lunches too.

In my next post I will post some shoes I played with some of my betting logic.

regards Pando






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