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Singapore Trip Report part 2

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Day 1:

My trip started with a 10-1/2 hour flight from Auckland to Singapore (direct) on Singapore Airlines. The aircraft was a Boeing 777-300ER (if its not Boeing I aint going). Believe me that if you are traveling in this part of the world, Singapore Airlines are simply the best. Despite my wonderful flight and service in every respect, I was still tired so didn't make it to the casino that day but I contacted Zeckam to arrange to meet the next day

Day 2:

Fully refreshed, I meet Zeckam and we discuss general play over lunch. Having spoken to him and made my own observations, I play the $25 (autoshuffled) shoes.

P214111112312413214141231212231221124 (observations only)

P521221212437114223121221133 (In the first banker 4IAR - there were 4 ties within 3 hands) Came in late + 4u

P1322512322331122121142121112111112 (Nice bunch of multiples early in the shoe) Came in late + 2u

B245221211421211(10)2311312111112 (A banker shoe,) +4u

At this stage I get my head around Super 6 and looking back I can see I would have made some winning bets in the last shoe.

Day 3:

Fairly happy with some good calls yesterday, and now I understand the Super 6 option;

B21141121123431212411111111122614411 (low 3's but  good run of opposites) +4u

P6314111111223114141213114114141211212 (nice run of opposites) Came in late +3u

P622341121141211112111121121515112 (Low 3's, good run of opposites and a couple of 2's mid shoe) +7u

B13121111111214214721411531111111113 (Nice player runs, plus good run of opposites. Won a tie bet late in the shoe) +10u

Day 4:

I feel I am finding my feet now, very happy with yesterday

P11123322111411311514111121111212225211 (Note the runs of opposites) Came in late finished even

P11224321244431353331215114 (Vey low 1's, only one player single) Came in late +4u

B3112311212152113111111111111451132111111 (Lovely shoe, very high 1's (28 of them). +11u

B13132413111211121112121117212 (Clump of multiples at the start, lots of 1's and 2's then a 7IAR) Came in late +2u

Day 5:

Still feeling in control, decided to press on and play a few more shoes today

B4353211111211311112113241221233 (15 ties including 3 double ties in this shoe, and high 3's) +5u

B141131422113422111121111111221141312122121 (Note the high 1's) Came in late finished even

B16112411111111124113111121221121315113121 (came in late, missed the run of opposites) -1u

B11314311112121221113121411122111131227 (Plenty of opposites, nice 7IAR at the end) +7u

P512121621712352211332414 (Loved this shoe, starts with a 5IAR and never let up) +7u

P1243221141122122111326331444 (Low 1's, high 4IAR+'s) Got this totally wrong somehow, maybe too many shoes -9u





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