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Baccarat Dealer Errors

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There have been a number of new dealers at the tables the past 2 weeks and I have encountered a couple dealer errors

Firstly, on one hand everyone bet player (including me) except for one guy on Banker, he won and we lost, well almost

The dealer paid the banker bet but forget to pick up all of the losing player bets. I didn't say anything, nor did anyone else

Would you guys have done the same??


Secondly was yesterday, another newbie dealer

I was playing stadium baccarat, and the first shoe I played was 88 hands, that's unusual I thought to myself. Must have been an unusually high number of naturals

In the second shoe, the supervisor (Mr Blobby) cut the new shoe and wandered off to another table

After the cut the newbie dealer correctly moved the first part of the shoe to the back, but then she put the other card on the very end of the shoe, not 10 or 15 cards in as per normal.

Then the newbie dealer the turned the burn card (King) and proceeded to burn the 10 cards FACE UP. I said nothing but I didn't have time to record the values

So when she got to the end of the 8 decks there were NO cards left in the shoe.

As it turned out there was exactly the correct number of cards for the last hand so nobody notice, (except me).

I have been thinking how this could benefit us players if this happened again, and all I can come up with is that if we counted the cards we may have an advantage at the end of the shoe.

But knowing the way it works this will probably never happen again


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 I have had to correct the dealer a few times in my favor when I was the only bettor on the winning side,

but one time , I was sitting out a hand when the dealer made a mistake in favour of the players,

I corrected her and all the players lost their bets. That was one time when I should have.kept my mouth shut.

Luckily , the losing players understood the situation and did not mind losing fairly (too much) ..

Personally, I would prefer to lose a hand fairly over winning on a dealer error, but I just hate losing on

a dealer error.(just barely).




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It wasn't baccarat but an old european game called "30/40".

Therenyou place your bets like in a big roulette table, bet two units of 100 eu, but in different part of the board:

no way, got payed for 100 only and the other 100 went to someone other.

So... when gifts arrive... take them!



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