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Sections-Turning Points of the Shoes & Plateaus

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As an experienced long time baccarat player, IMO there is no greater knowledge one can have to be conscious of and alert to Sections/Turning Point & Plateaus.  I know, deep in my heart, that without this information-most every player out there will have no conscious bearing relationship of the most ideal and pertinent times to wager in the shoe. And, if you think that there is none, you are truly doing yourself a huge injustice.   

Sections:  Every shoe has what I label as 'Sections'.  Sections are the show divided into about 3 or 4 physical horizontal sections of space.  The shoe I posted attached, is divided into 3 sections, A-B & C.  Unless the shoe is a phenomenon and those do happen ever 'blue-moon' such as a complete shoe of 'chop-chop/alternating B-P-B-P-B-P the entire shoe or 'doubles' the entire shoe, there will be some kind of sections. 

There is so much folklore, legendary tales and experienced players at the multitude of baccarat tables around the country or around the world.  There are no shortages of expert opinions and definitive reasoning's at most tables.  However, I revert back to an old saying of mine, "It is what it is".  Personally I have lost a ton of money 'following' others and on the other hand, won a ton of money as well.  The part that irks me beyond belief is when I actually do follow another player against my own thoughts, beliefs and factual knowledge of the game.  That is the one that hurts.  You say, "well don't follow anyone then".  Not that easy, especially for a camaraderie player like myself that truly can make huge amounts that I would not have realized sitting there starring at the chip rack with my head down in my hands. 

So, Sections.  There are numerous variable, but the way I see and define sections is the comparisons of 5-9 (sometimes more) horizontal squares of space on the card or board.  I am not predicting nor am I guessing.  I am merely identifying what has happened and what is happening.  Huge difference.  So maybe a keynote here is:  You are looking to go with it or against it, meaning--what the shoe is producing.  The past is not a predictor of what will happen or not happen in baccarat.  As well, the future hands starting with the very next one out of the shoe, is not dependent upon anything that has happened whatsoever.  Yes, that is solid.  But, most experienced and long time players know that there are events that are waiting, do happen and will happen.  Three things happen in a shoe as far as I am concerned.  Strong, Weak and Neutral.  There is also three things that happen in a shoe with the prevailing hands, total value points.  Strong, Weak and Close as compared to the other side that lost.  There is also what I believe three shoes possibility plenty of times.  That is a period of shoes, back-to-back that will be winnable by you with clear and concise sections-turning points and bringing yourself to your highest plateaus and offering chances to reach higher ones.  A player needs to take all of what I said with the three '3's and mix them up and get those ingrained within your brain as second nature. 

What I am attempting to get across here is comparison and realization.  Not prediction, guessing, fortune telling or wishful thinking.  There are only so many traits that happen in a shoe of baccarat.  'Chop-Chop, Doubles, 1's-2's & 3's, runs/streaks, ties, fortune 7's, pandas, cuts after a certain number', the list is long, etc., etc.  Great money can be won on wagering for any type of event to happen in baccarat.  There are reasons as to why those events happen and don't happen.  Most of the time it will boil down to a form of 'regression to the mean'.  It is real and it is there.  There are no instruction books and the one system or method that wins today will lose an equal or greater amount tomorrow without rhyme or reason.  Simply because there are no patterns and trends that will always prevail on a consistent basis, none, zero, zip, zilch and nadda.   

Turning Point:  When you look at my attachment you will see the letters I marked 'T.P.' which are the turning points of the shoe.  I correlate those to the sections as you will note.  Take the first Section A.  There was 4 Bankers, 4 Players, 2 Bankers, 2 Players, 2 Bankers and then 2 Players.  That was Section A.  Then the was 6 chop-chop, 3 Bankers and then 8 chop-chop more.  The turning point was after the first chop within Section B.  Then after the chop-chop there was 2 Players followed by 5 Bankers and a Tie.  The turning point was after the end of the little Bankers run of 5.  Then you go into Section C.  There is one turning point within the section IMO. 

Tuning Points are vital to identify as you go along.  Once you learn how to properly see it, you will realize your ability clearer to wager on the 'cut' and 'regression to the mean effects' that inevitably occur with or without your knowledge.  What I just said, is you will not have shoe after shoe after shoe of 60 Bankers and 15 Players, 4 shoes in a row.  You will not have shoe after shoe of 55 Players and 20 Bankers shoe after shoe after shoe.  You will not have shoes with 7 streak of Bankers and Players producing 6 to 9 repeating winning hands shoe after shoe after shoe.  And so on and so forth.  Revisit the info I laid out about the three '3's I mentioned above.  Strong-Weak-Neutral events, Strong-Weak-Close point values and 3 shoes winnable-above average consistency in presentment to you.

I don't guess, I am not predicting.  If you think that, that is wrong.  I will give you an analogy here.  Fishing.  Go bait your hook and stand in a spot the fish do not frequent for whatever unknown reasons.  Rather than trying to get the fish to come to you or figure out those reasons why they won't come there, switch spots to where the fish do frequent and see what happens. 




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Hey Alrelax, this is a public forum. What you post becomes the property of admin. So don't spin your wheels requesting to get posts removed. You should have thought of that before you posted. 

Moreover, you have some nerve bad mouthing one of the most respected players on this forum. 

You may be playing black chips, but W2F has already forgotten what a black chip looks like, and plays 1K and up. He is in a different league than you. He has moved on to play with the "big boys". He doesn't need this forum or your advice. He is doing YOU a favor by sharing his wisdom here.

You can't even fill his shadow and no matter what you say, everyone here knows who W2F is, his reputation precedes his name and anything you say will just be contributed to jealousy. I speak for all the members on this forum. 



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Alrelax...I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt because I have a well-deserved reputation as a "People Person extraordinaire"... almost without peer, but I do have to take umbrage with your dissing of w2f.

Certainly...his ego can get out of control (unlike your good self):lol: ...Oh shit...WTF am I saying?...sarcasm is probably unrecognised and wasted on you. 

Seriously...you do appear to have a problem...You come on here unannounced like a knight on a white horse to set we mere Plebs on the straight and narrow and because we didn't fall down and worship your undoubted "Greatness"...you get your knickers in a twist. (DAMMIT!...I used the K word...Carlos will be right on my case) 

You probably had some worthwhile thoughts which might have been worth discussion except that you flooded the forum with your "cut and paste" from your own blog and it was a case of "information overload"...too much in too short a time...and now because we didn't recognise your awesomeness...you want to take your bat and ball and go home. (Down Under, it's called "spitting the dummy")

It's a Public Forum buddy and if you didn't want it to be Public...you should have kept your words of wisdom to yourself.

I'm a pretty good judge of character (along with my "people person" skills) and I am reading "anger management" issues here... (that and maybe a few kangaroos asleep in the top paddock) 

and I'm suggesting for the sake of your own mental well being that you voluntarily remove yourself from the Forum for a while and return only when you have completed an approved "Anger Management" course (and produce an authorised "Certificate of Sanity"). Maybe it's not as bad as you think and a change of meds will do the trick.

Bringing my "People Skills" to the fore...I do however wish you good fortune and hope you get well real soon.

BTW: I have taken the liberty of copying all your posts from your Blog and if they happen to get deleted...Guess who is gonna post them right back up again..that's what I do...LOL

Alrelax/Glen...I'm guessing that as big a conceited arsehole as you are...you realise that you just met a bigger one.

BTW: Should you wish to discuss your issues face to face...only too happy to oblige...My real name is Carlos and I live in Montreal...just PM me for details (Phone and address)...failing that, you can likely catch me rifling through Ellis's dirty laundry basket. (I might get lucky)


BTW w2f...about the "ego out of control" comment...I was kidding...sorta   

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Alrelax/Glen...We may have got off on the wrong foot and just to prove that I'm willing to let bygones be bygones...Here is a link which is full of like minded egos...I mean people... where you should feel right at home...in the interest of harmonious relations...


No...don't thank me...just my people skills again.

Tell them Carlos sent you

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Memo to Admin: I fully support Alrelax's request for this Thread to be deleted.


No loss really as I was about to post a remarkably similar Thread myself. Just one of them thar coincidences, I guess. :)

As a service to the Private members of BTC...I may post my similar (cough...cough) thoughts to Alrelax in the Premium Forum in a single Thread...Beats the living shit out of "War and Peace" as a cure for insomnia.

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