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Is Shoe Selection a scam?

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Thinking literally many thousands of interested  BAC players discovering this site annually, but only a freaction joining , is ShoeSelection just a figment of our imagination. ( Just Saying...does it really matter?) 

     - Or, is it a SCAM, something people wanting to sell-something just  ‘cooked-up’ so they could deliver their own’ home-brewed ‘ recipe for winning?

With the advent of FTS, TheBlend, et.al. , is SHOE SELECTION passé ?

    -I mean, given a choice between playing

                 shoe (a) ,


                              or shoe (c), etc...

is Shoe -Selection even still necessary?

With 4+ million sequential combinations of B/P sequence over a whole shoe mathematically possible, when we have so many tools at our disposal to “ decipher” how/ when/where to BEAT VIRTUALLY ANY SHOE,

                                        - Does anyone really even care anymore about WHICH SHOE TO SELECT to play? 

                                                          I mean, does it even matter?

                                                        -Or is it just a waste of time (?)


Inquiring minds worldwide likely want to know, and I would be interested in your comments.

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Personally I think shoe selection is obsolete. How can you possibly know what a shoe is going to do?  If it is very early in the shoe it often is too early

to make a bet. If it's later in the shoe you may have missed out on good run of bets.

I believe that when you sit down to a new shoe you have no idea what the shoe will do.

What you do know is when a bet is good or bad.  Under these premises you just bet when a good opportunity or trigger arises.

If you bet on what you should bet on and you lose the bet you always have a stop loss to guard you against these losses.

Even "good bets" don't guarantee that you will win the bet. If the shoe keeps losing when your bet is correct you can always go to another table.

This question has had me intrigued for a long time. What the hell is a good shoe selection?

The way I see it , the only time you can identify a good shoe accurately is when it is finished. Then you can check whether you would have won or lost.

By that time it is too late.


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You actually do shoe selection if you play seriously in the current game you are in. If you don't see what you want to see or cannot figure it out you choose not to bet, or bet very little thereby selecting in real time what shoe to play.  I think we have come to discover that in a sense that it can be best to observe by using statistics in the current game to determine if you want to play so in my view that is shoe selection by analysis in a game,  but not as a drive-by scanning of the game via tote board.

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I think “ the drive by scanning method” may give you a clue, but let’s face it...ThisIsNot a SONIC BURGER COMMERCIAL..

            ( deciding whether  you “ want fries with that” ?,  still boils down to whether-or-not what you want is on the menu...)

And the best way to do that is to get really, really involved in analyzing the shoe., having a look whether to skip Chick-fil-A altogether...and move onto the next shoe...


or, as Clara might have said...” WHERES THE BEEF?”

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The only thing that I think that shoe selection should be used for is to see if what you are looking at makes sense. I have found it extremely rare for a shoe to stay the same for the whole shoe. When it does happen I yell "home run". Most shoes have three or four phases to them and unfortunately these phases vary considerably in length. One phase may be 10 hands and another 25. 

So let's say you see a shoe that is choppy--all 1s and 2s. This makes sense and you can play it however you feel that you play chops the best. Now when you get the unconfirmed 3iar bells and whistles should be going off. I would not bet the next hand and would probably wait a couple of hands to see what was now going on. The 3 may be confirmed or it may become longer. This may be an exception event in which case we go back to 1s and 2s. Or it may be the beginning of repeats on both sides, the beginning of a strong side vs weak side, or a TBL section. 

I've found that when we have a shoe that makes sense to begin with, FTS will help us transfer to the next section without much damage and the various phases will also make sense.

If the shoe appears to be helter skelter and difficult to understand, then stay away from it.

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