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  1. I saw that liquor sales increased 55% in one week. Didn't realize that you were responsible for it.
  2. I currently flat bet except when I am in a 1-2 chop. Then I play a simple 1,2 negative progression. This is very low risk. If you are flat betting, you make 1 unit on a single and 0 on the 2 iar. When you finally get the 3 iar you lose 2 units. When you use the 1,2 progression, you make 1 unit on the singles, 1 on the 2 iar and lose 3 on the 3 iar. Example: Shoe: 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 3 Flat bet: 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, -2= 3 1,2 Progres
  3. The only thing that I think that shoe selection should be used for is to see if what you are looking at makes sense. I have found it extremely rare for a shoe to stay the same for the whole shoe. When it does happen I yell "home run". Most shoes have three or four phases to them and unfortunately these phases vary considerably in length. One phase may be 10 hands and another 25. So let's say you see a shoe that is choppy--all 1s and 2s. This makes sense and you can play it however you feel that you play chops the best. Now when you get the unconfirmed 3iar bells and whistles should be go
  4. CT70 U1D2 is the way I played it. You can try M2 and see how it goes.
  5. Try playing the shoe with straight repeats starting at play 3 and suspend betting when you see a zz4 (1,1). Continue when you see an unconfirmed 2iar. It plays very well with u1d2 and reasonably well with 3hi.
  6. Betting against things happening can be extremely dangerous. A couple of years ago I was playing at the Goldstrike. About 2/3's the way thru the shoe I noticed that there hadn't been any threes for a while so I began betting no three. There were no threes the balance of that shoe, no threes the entire next shoe and no threes the first half of the next shoe. That was around 160 hands in a row with no threes. Rare yes, but it happened. Then I went next door to the Horseshoe and saw a perfect S40 shoe. Nothing higher than a three the entire shoe. There was one guy at the table betting that the 3
  7. That's the problem with midi bac. The first and only time that I played it the shoe took close to 3 hrs!
  8. Don't know what you are doing wrong, but you are. The OT column counts the OT events. At the start you have a P, so we don't know what that is. It is followed by a player and that is an OT event (a +). That is followed by a B, another OT event and +. Then it chops back to the P for a non OT event and thus a -, and so on. The second P and first B are all OT events while the single B is not. If you start counting at play 2 the OT count is + 8 and if you start at play 3 it is +7. You start the OOTT count at play 4. Play 4 is a P. Count up 3 events (play 1) and there is a P and thus a - count. If
  9. Good observation BigVic. Try that rule on a strong streaky shoe or even TB4L shoe and I think that you would be in the deep brown stuff.
  10. I believe that the 3 bet on line 10 is a looser, not a winner and a score of -6. OT went from 0 to -1 calling for an OTB4L bet, or a repeat of the P. If you hadn't shifted columns, the OR also would have called for a P.
  11. I think that we are on the wrong track here. For one thing the lowest number is meaningless. Say a column ranges from +5 to -4. The disparity is 9 and if it is currently at 0 you have absolutely no reasonable expectation of what it is going to do. The first thing that we should do is look at the disparities. If a column has a disparity of 3 for the entire shoe, you are going to win the shoe if you bet the opposite in that column. Secondly we should look at what the numbers in the column are doing. Even if its 4,5,4,5,4,5,4,5 we win all those bets. In this shoe at hand 7, the disparities are:
  12. Hum, reminds me of full blown 4D. I thought that we were trying to simplify things.
  13. Quiz EZ4D shoe.doc Sorry guys, but this seems to be the only way that I was able to upload this.
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