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For those interested in stats, these videos are very enlightening. Absolutely useful to understand the math of the game and events behavior.

As usual, those datas are useless unless you put them into the general picture, but they could be very useful in your decisions making process.


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Thanks Wolfat for the very interesting videos on probability focusing on the next hand after certain sequences. The player and Banker 5iar seem to stick out as the ones to watch with a good chance to pick up an extra unit. The other one was BBPPBB. The BBPPB.. or PPBBP.. can be such a frustrating next bet a lot of the time, where the next bet jumps and ruins your 2nd line sequence. However the BBPPBB looks the better option to look for. 


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Good question Kevin. 'What do I do when it's NOT? (50/50).

I like a quote from 'Mindset for Baccarat' here. ' When you are playing for the long term, you are satisfied with making the plays that will make you a long term winner regardless of your short term results.'  When you have this mindset and skills (that's what you learn and develop at BTC - skills) then VARIANCE is the culprit. 

'Mindset for Baccarat' also suggests that 'Variance provides an excellent way to identify the specific motivational or other mental problems affecting your game. The pressure that Variance puts on your game brings problems to light and tells you what to be working on.'

These extracts are from 'Mindset for Baccarat' book written by Wolfat, and are available free, to read on the BTC Premium Members site.  IMO every Baccarat player should read this book and apply some of the principles within. 


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Variance (apart ourselves) is our worst enemy.

Ppl that can’t handle V will lose every bankroll. We must lose to something. Put this in your head. You must work on your game, practice a lot, refining it, more and more... but you’ll lose to something, NO WAY! 

So why put all this effort into a game where I’ll end to lose? Never say that. You need to learn how manage V. 


The first way is to cut off your losses, analyze your scorecard trying to find reasons for a no bet. Usually ppl bet too much decisions. 10 to 20 are more than enough to get profits. Don’t use progs. If you cannot win flat betting, you cannot win, period.

Another way is to build solid stats. Try to play your A game, track and build your stats. After any session compare your current and past results. Those stats are the bricks of your confidence in your play and will dictate you how and when make some adjustments.

When you play your A game you must be focused on placing the best bet at this time, no more. Results are consequent to your choices and your skills; if you play it well and lose, IF YOUR DECISION PROCESS IS CORRECT, you no need to be worried, it’s just the aleatory part of the game. Stick to your plan and go on. Good results will come. 


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Anybody plays side-by side- me , they know I only play to win 

- Sometimes

            I don’t win,

                       I can’t win…

                                      I want to win,

                                                        but I can’t ….

The next day, it’s ‘ all good’ 

         Find the shoe that you can win

. There is no other purpose than winning. 

Winning is everything.I only play to win

       And when I am losing (?) 

     (    - watch how quick I -get- out -of-that-game… ) 


GO, Find me a game I can win………

I’ve said it over and over .

About a third of the games, you should win easily…

      - About a third of the games, you are gonna have to work-at-it, in order to win…

            - About a third of the games , you can’t win…you won’t win… get out, as soon as U can…

Baccarat 101. 
Any questions?

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