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  1. Can anyone tell me where the Advanced System 40 scorecards are posted from the recent trip to the Hollywood casino? I got an email stating: "Our actual score cards are posted on my public forum for all to see http://beatthecasino.com You can see exactly what we did. We played Advanced System 40 exactly to the rules and complete instruction posted on my private forum. For those who master it, it is the only system you will ever need. You can't learn it by studying the score cards. But precise instruction on Advanced System 40 is included with our System 40 manual." Would like to check t
  2. What a good idea, putting those three systems together like that. I always did like System40. Is your betting progression U1D2 M2? I noticed a couple of times you followed a losing 2 with another 2 unit bet. I tried to follow your example on a couple of shoes I had, and it did very well. Thanks for the post-
  3. Concerning the tote: which corresponds to the banker wins-the red circle or the blue x's?
  4. I noticed that dublinbet and black orchid have been mentioned previously, but like some of you, I reside in the US. In another forum awhile back, someone had brought up the possibility of obtaining a foreign IP address while sill living here. I don't know enough about computers to tackle something like that, but ran across this yesterday: http://proxy.org/forum/1175967005.html - if it's possible, with dublinbet having such a good reputation, it might be something to think about if anyone can handle the tech issues of doing something like that. I hope I don't offend anybodies ethics by ment
  5. I see that you go to Tahoe and Red Hawk from some of your posts. If I only had the bankroll for 10-15.00 tables, and only wanted to play at one location for a few days, where would be the most convenient-Red Hawk or Tahoe? I would be using Maverick. I called Harrah's Reno, and they have 15.00 minimums, but the pit boss made it sound like they went up to 25.00 minimums often, when there's a lot of play.


  6. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Mark-it'll sure help new members like me!
  7. Most of the comments were general ones, to just steer clear of BetPheonix. One member, who supposedly tried their live roulette table, said the spins weren't as random as they should be (compared to other online roulette tables). But after going through some of the posts on this forum, I feel more comfortable that I'm getting reliable information here.
  8. MVSeahog, Mreteuya, and Brian-thanks for the quick replies to my previous questions!
  9. Just curious, but in your experience, how timely of a payout do you receive from BetPheonix? I only ask since in a forum I was looking through a couple of months ago, a few of the members had posted to stay away from them.
  10. Thanks for the correction, Mreteuya, it must be longer than I thought since being in Harrah's! Used to play only craps so went to low minimum tables like Circus. You have any idea where the other baccarat tables are in Reno? The last I looked, Eldorado got rid of theirs.
  11. Is BetPheonix available to US residents? What's their minimums?
  12. So how much of a bankroll do you guys suggest for Maverick? In Reno, the minimum is 15.00 and they don't have the totes-do you need the tote board for Maverick?
  13. I'm very interested in joining the private forum and learning the way you play using the Maverick system. If someone has an excellent memory and is used to playing systems in a casino environment, how long would it take for me to learn this technique? Thanks!!
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