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  1. Hi Keith, 

    Why I unable to access to the Premium Forum?


  2. Hi Brad, You don't mind using the score card and show us exactly where you made your bets/what won/what lost, as mentioned by Kachatz (Kevin). As I can see, after you known the first 3 patterns breaking is after 4 plays (3-4, 4-4, 5-4), thereafter only got 21 patterns but you managed to bet 22 bets (w14 & L8). Tsen
  3. Hi Brad, My suggestion is, no need to differentiate it because PPPBBB vs BBBPPP and PBPB vs BPBP also got their own characteristics. Maybe you can try it as follow: Pattern 1. PBPB or BPBP 2. PPBB or BBPP 3. PPBPPB or BBPBBP 4. PPPBBB or BBBPPP 5. PPPP or BBBB But whether the results are the same or not, need to try it first. Tsen
  4. Hi Brad, Why you want differentiate the Pattern 2 & Pattern 3 both also 2121 and also Pattern 6 & Pattern 7 both also 4s? Tsen
  5. Hi Brad, These 7 patterns you invented by yourself or your get it and share with us from Smtinvest Super Baccarat System or from Salangane-books? Tsen
  6. Ellis, B1312112311112 B251 Please demonstrate this shoe using U3Hi, I started at play 4 using U3Hi, but at play 28 I already -9u. This shoe is from Asia On-line casino. Tsen
  7. Sorry! Unable to make during week day. You can reach me @ 016-2323232 Tsen
  8. Hi! Nazar, See the example, assuming that I already won 1st 10 bets as follows: If using 1234, 1st 10 bets win = 10 units, 11th loss = -1 unit 12th loss = -2 units 13th loss = -3 units 14th loss = -4 units, total loss = -10 units Total win (+10 units) less total loss (-10 units) = 0 units If using 3456, 1st 10 bets win = 30 units, 11th loss = -3 unit 12th loss = -4 units 13th loss = -5 units 14th loss = -6 units, total loss = -18 units Total win (+30 units) less total loss (-18 units) = 12 units See the difference?? This is based on the assumption that you already won in the 1st 10 bets. Then you will be ask, what happen if I loss in the 1st 4 bets....... whoops! this is different stories....... This need Mr Ellis to answer. Thanks Tsen
  9. Hi Ellis, How do we know that the on-line shoe is normally a Regular Cards? I used to play on-line also (Thailand on-line casino and Philippines on-line casino), before they start the shoe, they open the cards that wrapped with plastic and use the shuffling machine and shuffle the cards in front of the us. So this should consider Regular Cards or Fixed Cards (Pre-shuffled)? Thanks Tsen
  10. Dear Mr Keith, Why majority of the "Link" Sample/Manual files are missing or not found??? Tsen
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