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Urgent admin need help with payment + forum (-ev)

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Hi i need help. All the links direct me to the forum page. Even the payment link from the welcome message when i just registered direct me to the forum page too. Tried sending 2 pms to kevin smith and i see 0 messages sent in sent folder.

Also please note i can only do payment by credit card or moneybookers. Paypal is not available for my region. Thank you.

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Hi Ellis & Keith,

I'm actually based in Asia and paypal suspended paypal services in my country for the past few years. It(Paypal) has just been started up their services in my country again and it will take me another 4 more days to get my paypal account working as they don't allow online bank transfers currently.

I can send funds through pokerstars,fulltiltpoker or moneybookers if you have any personal acct with them. Though we don't know each other but i trust you enough to send the 50 to your acct and you could kindly send the money over to the forum(Much faster!).

Just food for thought, if it's not possible then we'll just have to wait it out(4-6days) i guess. Sorry I'm so eager as I just started playing baccarat and am really keen to learn more.

Also I've downloaded the free systems NU system and system 40. As much as i read them, i really have difficulty understanding what they say even after checking out all the technical jargon. Will there be a layman's approach to teaching systems in the paid forum? Like the really idiot-proof kind for me.

Thank you for your time.



P.S. posting in this thread as the PM i've sent shows a blank again in sent folder.

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P.S. posting in this thread as the PM i've sent shows a blank again in sent folder.


I'm pretty sure that the PM part of this forum defaults to NOT saving your sent PM's.

Under the miscellaneous options, when sending a PM, you'll see a box that says "Save a copy of this message....".

Select that one and it'll save all your future PM's.

You can try it with a test PM to me when you get a chance.


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