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Was playing this at the Hilton ( Old Gold Nugget) in AC with Ron D and Wayne the other week. They have their BAC room up the escalator on the second Floor. It's real nice. The game minimum is mostly $25. They don't have the display boards.

Ron has been working on this system. We will post some shoes.

Won like 35 units.

Start with any side.

Bet 1 - 2 - 3 up as you lose.

Win the 3 next bet is 1, Win the 1 next bet is 1.

Lose the 3 Skip and change sides on next bet with a 1. ( That means when you lose three in a row you skip and change sides after 4.)

Bet 5 times on the side you start on unless you lose three in a row. If you lose the three skip and start betting 5 times on the opposite side. If you win 5 in a row bet OTR until you lose:cool:

Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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I did 6 shoes and the 1,2,3 lost really hurts you.


I did a 10 unit stop loss and stop win. When I hit +10 I would bet 1 unit and if I loss I would of stop so I kept going got to +13 then back down to +10 so I would of got out my next bet was a 3 and won that and the shoe ended up +33

On the shoe I loss -10 on the 10th hand if I kept going i would of loss 30 units.

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I have been testing this and to my suprise i have won all my shoes...

but i am using up1down2 back to1 progression and it works really well...

as soon as i get to +10 i stop or if it is a hard shoe were i stay around +2 or -2 etc i stop at + 5

Will there be some samples ?

this is very easy


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