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I am trying to get a Kindle edition for THE System ( Not SYSTEM 40). If you have anything that you would suggest that would make it easier for the new player please let me know. I don't have all the graphics done yet but looking for more suggestions. My thought are to use it as a feed book to get more member here for us.


user name: testuser

Password: hrmkrg68TTT

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Well, there's still a few punctuation errors and this one sentence that is mangled pretty well......

If we happen to be dealing we pass the shoe. I have seen players lose simply because they insist on betting so they can keep the deal, until you are playing comfortably. You would do well to pass the shoe.

I'm thinking the sentence ends at "deal" and should restart as a new sentence at "Until" while removing the period after comfortably.

But that's just the former proofreader in me coming out.

Did you want all of the corrections to be made posted here or via email?


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Right, that comment was directed mostly toward Jack McCan who would play Big Bac along side of me and lose while I won. In Big Bac the same player keeps the shoe as long as Bank won and he bet on Bank. So whenever Jack got the shoe he would bet Bank regardless of what the system called for. I guess he felt that keeping the shoe was more important than winning. Strange priorities.

"The System" was a lot of years ago but it introduced one good trick we would still do well to incorporate today: the 012 prog. Whenever we are losing our first bet more than we are winning it, we should reduce it to 0. "The System" also called for winning the 0 bet before you go to the 1 bet. This got you through rough sections of the shoe unscathed because you end up betting 0 all thru the bad sections of the shoe. Not a bad idea at all. Even back in those days we were usually the only winners at the table - well, except for Jack.

It's the exact reverse of the idea that when you are usually winning your first bet of the prog you exploit that fact by making the first bet 2 or 3 instead of 1. You'll be glad you did! If you deploy the 234 or 345 when wise system selection has you usually winning bets in a row you can easily double or even triple your winnings. But, on the other hand, if you are usually losing your first prog bet (losing hands in a row) you can double your winnings with the 012 or even 023. Now THAT is a good heads up. NOTE whether you are usually winning or usually losing your first prog bet and size your fist bet accordingly. Also, in a really rough shoe, only go to 1 when you win the 0 bet. You make actual bets less often but you win them more often.

You guys experimenting with ADN might want to give that ploy a try net betting!!! Now THERE'S an idea that's never been tried!

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