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Article: System 40 Advanced Manual

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Hi Ellis and Keith,

have you finalized the System 40 Advanced manual yet? If so, what do you have to say about when to quit? After all, unless you have very specific guidelines as to exactly when and how to quit, you really have no method as you are playing in the dark.

I notice that a great deal of time is spent upon game selection, which method to play against what type of shoe, but just about nothing on quit points, when you are up or down. How come?



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Hi Neil, Ellis here using Keith's computer while he's in the hospital.

The system S40A is complete but the formal manual is in process.

When to optimly quit is based on several factors and will be thoroughly covered in upcoming chapters.

First, optimum stop wins and losses depend on the betting strategy selected, which, in turn, depends on the quality (hit rate) of the shoe at hand.

Some days, shoes are highly biased and system selection is simple as is often, but not always, the case with new cards after the morning card prep.

Other days and times of day the shoes can be clueless or anywhere in between.

We must match our betting aggression to the quality of the shoe at hand.

For instance a simple 123 3Hi neg prog in a difficult shoe should be matched to a stop win (goal) of only +10 and a stop loss of -7 while a U1D2 M2 betting strategy in a predictable shoe should be matched to a +20, -10 stop win, loss.

Strategic cash mgt also plays an important role in optimum quit points.

For instance with a +10 goal once a shoe hits +6 we would not make a bet that could take us below +1. That way, once we hit +6 we are in a shoe we can't lose! With a goal of +20 our can't lose point would move up to +12.

Perhaps you can see why Betting Strategy Selection and Strategic Cash Mgt need separate chapters devoted to these concepts.

All will be available soon.

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