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Miscellaneous Spam Attacks

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Well, it must be that time of the year when all of the clowns come back from vacation and start spamming every site they can find with everything from aardvark pills to zybez help lines.

We do try to catch it as soon as possible but evidently 3am is the preferred time for spam so we won't see it until we get up and log in.

For some that's early in the morning but in my case, I sleep in so around noon or so I should see the junk and delete it, ban the user and hope that they don't come back under still another name.

We do watch the IP addresses and if the same one shows up twice, IT gets banned too.

So, thanks for watching out on the board and we'll get the junk off the board as soon as we see it.

MVS (Spam cop, baccarat player, golfer, and current high points leader in the Florida Masters Shuffleboard qualifications)

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Speaking of Spam attacks, I got the following PM from Mike, the Administrator at Baccarat Forums:

"You have been banned for the following reason:

Disruptive behavior with absolutely no constructive baccarat discussion.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never"

It seems Jimske has some say over there.

I have far more posts than anyone on that forum and have posted the only accurate Baccarat information on that forum. I got this message today but I haven't posted over there for months. Therefore it was probably my "haven for losers" comment that I made here regarding that forum on Jimske's thread. (Who we banned)

I also strongly suspect that Jimske (Archer) is behind the rash of Mark Ripple posts that appeared here after his death. Jimske is typical of some of the characters residing on that trash forum. So I apologize for my comment and wish to revise it. "Baccarat Forums is a haven for the deranged !" And Mike, the Administrator, hasn't a clue about how to win at Baccarat. - An outright phony. He wouldn't recognize "constructive Baccarat discussion" if it dropped from the sky on his head.

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Ad, I just received the following PM at BF from Christiaan.

"Hi Ellis,

I use the sys40 system for several weeks

I read on the forum that this is the worst system is that you used and that you have much better systems

Can I get your systems?

Sorry for my english, I'm Dutch :-)

Thank you kindly!

Regards Chris Buis

Amsterdam, Netherlands"

Would you please reply to Chris and tell him I was banned from BF for competitive reasons and that you are replying for me.

Tell him S40 is actually not bad but he needs to learn S40A (far superior) on our forum and tell him how to join our forum. Thanks.

Apparantly most of the members at BF don't agree with Mike. I get such PMs from BF on a regular basis.

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