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Best Live Online Casino Rankings?

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Hey Guys,

I'm Bryan and I'm new. I have read through pages of threads and while I saw many posts about live online casinos, I didn't come across a thread where everyone listed their favorites, or ranked them in some sort of order.

Would a few of you please rank your favorite list of live online casinos, possibly with a short statement about what you like about each? It would be a GREAT reference for us newbies!

Heck, if you would even list a couple to stay away from, that would probably be great info as well.

Last - and maybe I should have made a different thread for this - what's the best way to go as far as payment method as well?

Thanks! It looks like I can learn a TON on here. You guys are providing the world with an amazing service! I intend to take my play from fun to business with your info!

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Bryan, I don't play online casinos myself because it necessitates giving up one of your biggest advantages, conducting a proper table selection process prior to play.

But many members do play them and some successfully. I follow their posts with interest. There is a web site that ranks on line casinos and I'm sure one of the guys can provide the site address.

As a group we have found that it is best to only play LIVE on line games.

Also, we have noted that new on line live casinos undergo a learning curve. Their games are frequently easy to beat before they have learned good shuffle technique. Often their early games strongly favor chop or streak making them easy to beat. So I think we can safely recommend new live casinos on line. Just be aware that some aren't actually new but are just using a new name.

I don't feel qualified to offer any other advice but I'm sure our more experienced on line players will be happy to.

OH, and thanks for the kind words.

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I'm one of the guys who plays mostly "online" instead of a B&M casino, mainly because of the time and travel factors.

There is always a debate about whether RNG is a viable product to play baccarat with for real money. I'm in the camp that says NO and only plays at the live dealt tables and for US players, there apparently are only two online casinos (as of this date) that allows US players. BetPhoenix dot com (not betphoenixcasino dot com) and Sportsbook dot com.

Many of us have played extensively on BPH but we really don't have anyone currently playing (or at least reporting) in from the Sportsbook dot com site.

You will find that you can practice for free at many of the live venues until you feel comfortable with them to play for real. Always start slowly until you're confident that the casino is treating you right and you don't get a sense that you're being cheated or the game is unfair. Do not be in a hurry to rush in and play for real!

Please READ the entire signup agreement at any online casino you decide to use. And then read the banking agreement twice. If you have ANY nagging questions, email them and ask.

As for taking the sign up bonuses that are offered? Well, I don't. Many other do and the requirements for the "play through" are generally spelled out in the sign up agreement. You can tell them you do not want the bonus when you actually make your deposit. It will makes things a lot easier when you go to take your winnings out or get your deposit back if you find you don't like the place.

Once again, that's just my own personal likes and dislikes. I don't take the bonus. (If you're playing and winning, you only need to make one deposit anyway) and I only will play on a live dealer table. Your mileage may vary and there are many who do play the RNG games mainly for the speed of play.

Welcome aboard and here's hoping your future baccarat play is done well and the casino will start sending you checks from time to time too!


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I've always taken the check. It's free and get's here within a week.

Some players seem to want the payouts instantly via electronic means but I'm not in that big of a hurry so the free check is my first choice.

From reading some other boards, mainly roulette types, they seem to want to make instant withdrawls about every six minutes, as best I can tell. They wind up making several deposits a week and many withdrawls a DAY. I don't understand that sequence at all.

Maybe it's just me.


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I play Celtic Casino which is part of the visionary gaming network and is Costa Rican based.(There are a couple online casino's that just rebrand their stuff but everyone uses the same dealers ie. black orchid, fairways and celtic).

Dealers are very friendly. The shoes have varied from streaky to choppy to neutral. (So I don't believe they are cheating anyone)

Most importantly the casino does pay out so you wont get ripped off. This was my biggest worry but they paid out within 1 business day.

As far as I know US players can play here, as Ive seen a few players from Texas and Boston posting in the chat box but I never officially checked. (I play from South Africa)

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