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Professional User of System 40

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Yesterday, I became a full private member on this board. This is totally a new approach for me and I was overwhelm by the amount of information here.

Are there any member here who are just playing with S40 system?

And how is your success rate ?

Would love to hear some real stories.

Good luck to everyone

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I would recommend that you start to read EVERYTHING. When you're done, read it all again.

It really does take a lot of time to digest the information. It's not so much that Sys40 is all that difficult, it's just that knowing what got you to play Sys40 is just as important as the actual system play itself.

As you continue to read the threads, both current and the older ones, it will slowly start to make sense.

Everybody here went through a steep learning curve but once it finally hits you, it WILL make sense.

Take your time, continue to read and practice. If there's something that doesn't make sense while you're testing, ask up in the appropriate thread.


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Randy, starting out there is a way of playing S40 called Basic System 40 that you might want to try as a starter because it bets so low yet wins a lot of shoes. Bet a 1,2 up as you lose progression on opposites.

Go OTR (on the run) whenever you lose your 1,2 but go OTR with a 1 bet. If you win, stay OTR with 1 bets until you lose. Then go back to opposites and back to a 1 bet. But if you lose the OTR 1 bet next time you go OTR later in the shoe bet 2 and should you lose that next time go 3.But as soon as you win an OTR bet go back to 1 OTR until you lose. So the only way you can get to a 3 bet is by losing your OTR attempts twice. Quit the shoe at +10 or even sooner if you are struggling. Look for the chopiest table you can find. Save this post and I'm sure it will make sense to you as you study S40.

That is exactly how S40 was played when it won 40 straight shoes in a row at 5 different casinos. The key is finding choppy tables in the first place.

Good luck.

E. Clifton Davis

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I am new to s40 basic.

I went to the casino today try to use S40, when LC appear to be 2,3 and 4 and I started to bet repeat but all of the bets were loss because it keeps on opposite until 1's there is 11 and 2's count is 2 and 3's remain 4 point and 4's 0.

I waited for 5 hands before placing my bets.

Can anyone lead me thru what am I suppose to do before start placing any bets?

What is TB4L vs OTB4L ?


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