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I'm a newbee. Just got manual for System 40

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I'm on page 6 of the manual. There is a score card. First off is the OR count right it looks wrong to me. ? Is there another way someone could explain the SAP because I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fill in the chart.

Also, do you have some simple filled out game cards filled out with some of the more basic concepts, say the OR count and the U1D2 M2 count with the score filled in and SAP chart filled in an LC picked from the SAP and a continuation of the game or continuing game to a conclusion. I'm getting bombarded here. A little simple follow along with some of the simple concepts would be a help to me.

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Guys, I can't post shoes at the moment. Can anyone comply with Nick's request? It would be easier to explain from samples. Nick, not to worry! Everyone goes through this same basics learning curve when they first start out. All these basics will make sense in no time. But when you first start, everything looks Greek.

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Well, if we're about to be posting up shoes, graphics and various Sys40 documents, we may as well do it in the correct section.

Look at the main Baccarat page and you'll see the "sub-forums", which are locked out for public members but available for all others.

Use THAT System 40 area for continued System 40 discussions, please.

MVS (or I'll have to start doing actual work, and we can't have that now, right???)

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