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The Professional NOR Player

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So OK, you've learned all of the NOR rules.

You've practiced at home.

You've gotten all your questions answered.

So does that make you a Baccarat Pro?

Not yet!

Now you must learn to THINK like a Pro, act like a Pro and perform like a Pro.

The Pro KNOWS and fully understands that the overall odds are against him. But he also knows that all casinos have vulnerabilities and some more than others. He KNOWS that he can't beat every table. But he also KNOWS that he can beat certain situations and he knows how to search out and identify those situations. He either finds a table he KNOWS he can beat or he doesn't play. He takes his time.

Time favors the casino. The Pro knows this but he also knows how to grasp control of time and take that advantage away from the casino and take advantage of time himself. He does this by ONLY playing winning situations.

Unlike all other methods, NOR gives the Pro THREE winning situations: Chop, Streak, and Neutral. ALL other methods have only ONE winning situation. The Pro knows this and looks for all 3 but he will only settle for the best and strongest situation in the casino. And if he finds none, he has the discipline to NOT play. He does NOT think in terms of dollars per hour. He knows that in the long run, the best dollors per hour is produced by the best table search.

The Pro fully understands that the contest is between his single brain against the casino's collective brain. Therefore he only plays when he is in peak mental condition - only when he KNOWS he will win. The REAL contest is between him and himself!

The Pro is not influenced by the other players. He is completely oblivious to them. He KNOWS that the other players lose to the tune a collective -26%. Since the Pro knows what he is doing and completely ignors the other players, he is usually first to get his bet up. And he is usually the biggest winner and often the ONLY winner even though he is often the smallest bettor. He is also usually the first to get out of the shoe.

The Pro religiously adheres to Rule Number One:


If the game starts off bad, he is out of there! He doesn't wait for -8. He doesn't want the game to be a contest. He wants it to be a sure thing!

The Pro is usually the first player out of the game. He knows that his 123 4 is good for +10 and dangerous after that. Likewise he knows that his 234 is good for +15 to 20 and his 345 +20 to 30. He doesn't tempt fate. But he is quick to exploit a good game by upgrading to his higher progs when he is winning his first bets and not losing his third bets. He plays the game to what it is worth, not more but not less.

The Pro doesn't chase his losing bets. He fully understands that losing bets are a signal to QUIT and not a signal to bet more. He is likely the ONLY player at the table who understands this.

The Pro does not make a splash at the casino. He plays under the radar. He is usually the lowest bettor in number of units and NEVER makes desparation bets. Nevertheless the other players often end up following the Pro. He is used to this but ignors it.

The Pro is very at home in the casino because he already knew he was going to win before he ever got there. He never gets excited and never loses his temper. He's very cool!

So, are you ready to be a Pro?

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Hi Ellis,

Good said from a real Pro !

I think the real NOR player problem is how to stop when winning.

How to stop when your confident is rising to the peak.

How to stop when your ego is high nose.

No doubt NOR is a winning approach, last weekend, i bought in $ 1,000 playing online at Dafabet.com, and won $6,000 (unit size is just $10).

This is +600 unit, playing NOR, just play partial in mid-shoe to capture the best "NOR-window-moment", make my +10-20 unit (playing 234) and change shoe.

It is pretty easy to reach that when you have +100 as initial bank roll.

It is good to have good winning, guess this is my highest unit winning so far with NOR.

Luckily I know when to stop and quickly withdraw the winning and left $1,000.

As next day, the sudden "Pro" who feel great, ego + confident, increase betting size, and get whack the whole $1,000 in single shoe !!

So, it really take discipline and patient to climb the Pro ladder - hope I can reach that level someday. =)


NOR & SAP student

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