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Hi Boss,

I reached the manual and really appeciate it!

Even if I'm quite familiar with the whole approach, I found it clear and of a great help to improve my game. Together with the shared samples I think it's the perfect tool for everyone.

Unfortunely I'll not be in LV for the seminar because december is the busiest month for my business and I really can't move! It's a shame losing the opportunity to meet our fellow members! I can't forget my last time in Vegas where we met at Gold Strike, I enjoied this experience a lot!




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I would like to second my emotions with my fellow paesano. Its the ultimate honor to be part of an elite group of individuals who strive for excellence in their Baccarat play.

Reading the manual over and over again, I am picking up little nuggets that I had not been using in my play. This will put me in an even much better positive cash flow position. Thank you so much for sharing your vast experiences in how you apply NOR. Speaking of the Nuggets, THE GOLDEN NUGGET(Old Trump Marina) in AC has been responding positively to my NOR play.Cesar's,Taj & Ballys work well to. Trump Plaza? Let's not talk about it lol

As this is also the busiest month for me, I will dearly miss the Vegas NOR Seminar. I look forward to the video version of the seminar if offered at a later date.

Much success to everyone attending the seminar this weekend!



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