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I can only report on one of them and that's BetPhoenix as it's the only one of that group that takes US players.

Although the feeds can be choppy at times, I've never seen anything really strange or anything that would make me stay away from it.

I do NOT play when I can't see the video stream, even though it's the same game.

Of course the RNG game is a no-no for me at all times.


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Dublinbet is housed in the Fitzwilliam Card Club, a little casino

in Dublin. I actually played there before they went on the

internet. Bac is called "punto banco" there, and the entire

casino has about 6 tables - not 6 bac tables - 6 TOTAL tables.

Wow, I didn't realize that. I used to do a lot of practice play there due to the speed of the game but thought it was a larger facility.

Six tables total. Very strange for some reason.

Is it like a private club or just a very small casino?


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From the outside it looks like a business office - lawyer, accountant, etc.

It is just off a busy downtown area. I had a hard time finding it because

I was looking for a casino, and this did not look like any casino I knew.

There are no bright lights. Just a simple sign with the name. To gain

entrance you must show your player's card. You can get one by showing

ID - in my case, my passport. The staff were all very friendly and helpful.

The place was virtually empty on the weekday afternoon I was there. The

dealer told me they were busy weekends. There was one table for bac, one

roulette, 2 BJ - I'm a bit fuzzy on this, and some slots scattered about.

There was no problem changing currency. Food was also available. My

dealer made a few errors so was probably not too experienced. I played

about 2 1/2 shoes and did OK. I think I was playing AD back then. I

enjoyed the experience and would have returned if there weren't so many

other things to do. I have seen the Dublinbet set-up and I recognize it

as the same place I played.


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