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Local Indian Casino Shoe

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I'm posting this up mainly because I rarely play a full shoe anymore. As I knew we were only going actually be in the casino for a short time, I elected to use all of it and got this one shoe in.

A few notes go along with it.

As I'm finally moving into NOR/NOR+ (I'm slow to make big changes in my play) this was almost a new experience. I've been playing it live, online, but in the brick and mortar place, this was a major "test" for me and more of a confidence builder on making the change!

Anyway, started off OTB4L/M3 U1D2M1. I was also thinking about just playing the straight 1,2,3 but the first actual play where I had to make that decision didn't come until hand 33 with the 5ZZ. Good choice.

At this point it gets sticky.

They changed the dealer on me at hand 43. They brought in the absolute worst baccarat dealer on the planet, at least according to me. I've been at her tables before and she drives me nuts. Instead of drawing a card and placing it P-B-P-B or even P-P-B-B, she just pulls 4 cards out IN A PILE and then proceeds to kind of spread them out and turn them over. This absolutely drives me nuts and I generally just leave or don't play until she takes a break. I have complained about her to the pit bosses even wrote a letter to the management office, but she's still there!!!

Anyway, you can see that she dealt me a win at hand 43 and it went downhill from there.

Concentration shot. Attitude gone. Mood changed 180 degrees out of phase.

There was no way she was getting more than the 6 from that 44,45,46 run. From +22 to +16 in the last half. That's enough for me.

I did elect to stay at the table and play the rest out on paper. As you can see playing U1D2M1 would have worked as would 1,2,3 to play out the shoe. Good thing to know.

Anyway, here's the shoe, warts and all.




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I've only played baccarat up at the Tampa casino a few times but never in the "closed in" area that is set up for it.

They may have changed around a bit since my last trip but I played way over by the restaurants with a set of tables located, literally, in the middle of a several banks of slot machines. It seemed pretty odd to me, but that was the set up.

I may get up there next month so I'll stop in and see what's changed since my last visit.


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