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First trip to Casino NOR review

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Good morning to ALL,

I want to share my first experience in the live CT casinos using NOR.

I purchased the NOR manual on Saturday morning and have reread a bunch of times until it made sense to me. (helpful tip - keep a copy in you car for a quick review whenever you have time and your mind is receptive to learning and grasping this concept.)

I've read a whole bunch of threads on here to better understand this APPROACH to Baccarat - VERY HELPFUL, A BIG THANK YOU TO ELLIS and EVERYONE HERE!!!

First of all let me state that I'm a seasoned Baccarat player with over six years of experience and hundreds of real live betting shoes under my belt. I've played casinos all over the country including - A.C., Ct, Tunica, Chicago, Council Bluffs & others in the mid west).


With that being said - I headed to Mohegan first, I walked around all of the tables looking for exploitation in the shoes and BAM a perfect

SS player shoe with a rowdy table right out of the manual. I paper tracked it from behind and watched as the player side continued to dominate the banker side with a count of 24 to 4. TABLE SELECTION IS A MUST!!!

I also waited and watched 4 new tables open up with new cards - (advantage of free time and living only twenty minutes away) It looked like S40 and OTB4L would have done well at all of the tables. I did not bet in any of those shoes just watched for the tracking experience.

I grabbed lunch, revisited the newly opened shoes - very typical with a few runs along the way but lots of 1's & 2's in them.

Off to Foxwoods I went. Being Columbus day, both casinos were really cooking with about ten full tables each.

I studied the 4 active Tote boards at FW and tried to figure out which system and how to play it. Very tricky shoes with no great exploitation that I could see. Again looked like S40 and OTB were the stronger systems to use!

I searched for a seat to sit at and practice my scorecard and finally found one at the $10 table and played my first shoe about 2/3rds in.

P211211351111 B1113 OTB4L or S40?

I only placed one bet and hit it. Great experience in keeping the scorecard and thinking NOR!

Next full shoe played B15311414 P131111123132 P3113111522 B22113 (Only placed one bet and won) Great practice but had a tough time deciding on system - Not a bad F shoe but would also somewhat work with OTB4L?

I don't mean to ramble but if you read this far -THANKS - any comments and tips on playing theses shoes with the proper systems, modes and money management will be greatly appreciated!!!!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL NOR gets an A+ for opening my mind to learning to win at Baccarat!


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Good work Edgonsal!

Hint: Anytime 1's are averaging normal or above (which is half the time) (1 every 4 plays or 5 per col) you

pretty much can't lose with S40 U1D2. High 3s = M3; high 4+s = M2. High 1's makes for an easy day.

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