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I want to publicly thank you guys | ECD GROUP | October 31, 2013

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All the experienced members of the Private Baccarat Forum that seem to be more than willing to give advice and share the benefit of their years of experience.

Apart from the time Ellis devotes (but that's coz he hates the casino bastards...LOL)...all of you...I'm not going to try and name names (because old people forget names way too easily and I'd be sure to forget someone.) are good people

You guys leave me shaking my head at the time you spend trying to get the rest of us up to speed.

I've never struck this attitude on any Forum ever...not to mention the confidence it engenders to know that there are people out there that regularly beat the casinos at their own game

When I go on my worldwide Casino Tour in a few years (the wife thinks it's a worldwide shopping expedition LOL)...It would give me the greatest pleasure to meet up with any of you that are available...just to buy you a beer and say " thank you"

It was a good day when I stumbled upon this site

Oz...aka Johnno

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  • Keith Smith changed the title to I want to publicly thank you guys | ECD GROUP | October 31, 2013

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