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But, after reading some of the commentary on S40M1....would one strategy for winning consistently be as simple as:

Master S40M1.

Next, find tables low in 2's (Ellis said that approx. 50% of shoes are low in 2s)

Don't play any tables that are high in 2's, just search for these shoes that are low in 2s and play S40M1



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You can have one strategy that will beat any specific game. For example if I am in a game where repeats are the most common simply flat betting repeats will yield a win. So the idea remains what approach wins the most games, the one that loses to the Most least common event within reason and covers the majority of the games. 40 wins the most common event which is 1 in a rows and tries to adjust when the casino tries to deal short run games that have a prevalence of 3, 4 and 5 in a rows. The reason they like these games is to beat the up as you win player who bets repeats. That to me is as plain as day, but to answer your question yes 40 mode 1 looks good in many games and as it stands now and seems to beat the majority of the games that they are throwing at us. But if you see something different adjust to what you are seeing or leave the game and look for a game as you said short in 2's. If you see a game short in 2 in a rows it will likely continue and the approach will work.

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bump...anyone care to help answer my question....?

I've had some success with S40M1 and have found it beats pretty much most shoes with a couple of exceptions...the most obvious being TT's which can be handled in a few different ways but rather than me give you a bum steer...it might be better for Ellis to suggest his favoured solution (apart from just exiting the shoe)

Also...alternating straight 4iar's in succession are a prob and 4iar followed by 2iar leads to 4 losing bets iar

I tend towards a temporary pause after 4iar so I can see where the shoe is heading before either continuing with S40M1...switching systems or just exiting the shoe while I'm still ahead

Also...a temporary pause may even be worth a thought after a 2iar

Again though...these are just my thoughts and far better to let Ellis or the more experienced players be your guide


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