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Newbie here....Can anyone suggest the best method to learn the NOR System correctly?

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1. Study the NOR manual.

2. Any question you could have has been asked on the forum - study them.

3. Keep going back to it until you fully understand your manual.

4. Practice the 3 systems.

5. Learn table, system and Mode selection.

6. For mode selection, advance from the 3rd bet rule to the OR count method.

7. Learn the more aggressive 234 and 345 progressions and when to deploy them and when not to.

8. Learn the more aggressive NOR+ and when to deploy it.

9. Practice until you can beat your kitchen table.

10. Get your game from the kitchen table to the casino table successfully.

Keep records and constantly work on improving your play.

You need to think like a professional and work like a professional and act like a professional to be a professional.

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